Sunday, April 13, 2014

The First Wave

Teacher Ophelius:

Today we would like to speak about one very important aspect of the Correcting Time and that is to bring a new awareness to the consciousness of the people of this planet starting first by awakening those who we call, “The First Wave.”  As the name implies, this “wave” will grow and build in size and energy as it approaches land where it breaks upon the shoreline making a mighty sound.   The first wave leads the second, and the second leads the third, and so on and so forth as more and more people become aware of their Indwelling Spirit, their purpose, and a deeper meaning to life itself.  Spirit is the tidal force for which these successive waves will be nurtured and strengthened.  You students on the path are this First Wave, and many of you have been gifted with extraordinary God Fragments—Thought Adjusters of great experience and ability.  You are the ones who shall blaze the trail making these first vital connections with Spirit, then with others of like mind and purpose, then with those on the fringe of the second wave. 

You are one of the first groups of human teachers, in your generation, on a world approaching Light and Life and it is our purpose as Spirit teachers, to awaken, nurture, and strengthen you for the Father’s business.  Perhaps many of you have never thought about yourselves as teachers, but I say to you, consider your experience.  Think about the journey you have thus taken, and how you came to know the Spirit within and all those extraordinary experiences and synchronicities that led you to the truths you know now.  Those experiences can be shared, my friends, and this is how you build a wave.

I admonish you to seek for those of kindred spirit and exchange information and express and explore the creative force that is within you unabashedly and with great passion.  Work in groups and find a need in this world, for there are many, and create something that will serve as a beacon of light that will awaken those in the second wave.  Spirit alone cannot do this for you, for we need to work together to transform this world into a planet where quality souls can be nurtured and given opportunities to grow and find meaning and purpose in life.

It is important that your work as teachers contain the information that will create a “Spiritual Map” for those who are seeking and who are hungry for the meaning of life and purpose.  This map will lead them to the truth about the Spirit within (the Thought Adjuster), the Great Plan (eternal life and ascension), and how cherished and unconditionally loved each person is by the Father.  Some teachers will first need to lift the self-imposed illusions of bondage this world imposes on the mind of their students before these higher truths can be revealed, and we (Spirit) will be here to assist you in this process.  You also have the ever-present Christ consciousness, the Spirit of Truth, to guide you as you work and nurture your students.

Consider your role as teacher, my friends—you have more to offer than you may think.  The time to be about the Father’s business is now.  If only you can awaken just one other soul, you initiate the wave effect—observe how one changed life affects another.  Can you change two, three, a hundred, a thousand, a million?  There are many possibilities.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

“What Can I Teach,” and “Who is My Student?”

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about the importance of being both an avid student of truth, and a teacher of truth, for as you grow and ascend the universe schools of perfection, this dual role is the key to your passage to paradise.  The Universal Father requires that all the time-space universes become perfected along with the consciousness of all sentient beings therein and so it becomes imperative to have this student/teacher relationship between all creatures, for without it, all progress would cease.  This is especially important on your world as it struggles to free itself from the chaos of rebellion and emerge into the enlightened era of Light and Life.

On your world where life is so intense and relatively short in duration, it would be beneficial to all to have access to higher thought and education, yet because of the earth’s confusion and rebellious development, higher education has become a commodity for sale only to those who can afford to pay or are willing to become slaves to money lenders for many years of their lives.  If only the governments of the earth would make it a priority to educate all citizens, regardless of their social and financial status, soon you would see your planet emerge from its barbarous warlike thinking and social delinquency.  In parallel with education, religious thought must also evolve beyond the exclusivity of creeds and teach the universal value of unconditional love.

Until the vested interests that profit from war and the treatment of preventable illness see profit in peace and growth for all peoples, little shall change on your world, and this is where the teachers of truth can and are making a difference with the upcoming generations.  You students on the path are learning about the sacred value of life and what it means to be a universe citizen.  This sacred knowledge and wisdom must be passed on to your fellows in ways they can understand, and this is the challenge to all of you.  As you learn, grow, and become wise, so shall you teach, nurture and lead.  It is not for you to make others think like you, but to inspire others to see the potentials for truth, beauty, and goodness in themselves.

You might ask yourself, “What can I teach,” and “Who is my student?”  My friends, anything that you have experienced in life that is true, beautiful, or good can be communicated to other souls.  Use your co-creative powers of imagination to reach out to your fellows.  Continue to seek for those things that interest you and always remain a learner, for this is the way of a universe citizen and this is how you will ascend the grand universe.  Constructive communication is progress, and you have the technology to reach into every corner of your world through your Internet.  All can benefit from peace, love, and understanding, therefore go and learn and teach and stand for the moral values of life, growth, and equality for all peoples.

Your position as an enlightened soul on this world at this most auspicious time in its history is pivotal to its emergence from ignorance and darkness.  Ask for what you need to do this work (to learn and teach) and it shall be given.  All the eyes of the universe are on this backward little planet because of its unique status as the bestowal planet of the Creator Son.  Therefore use and value your time here wisely, my friends, and together we can make a difference in the quality of the lives of all souls.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The True Meaning of Peace, Love, and Understanding

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about Peace, Love, and Understanding, for it is these three simple words that are so very misunderstood on your world.  Many think they know what these words mean, yet they are held in the mind of most as vague and unattainable concepts—like something out of a child’s storybook.  To know the true meaning of any of these three words, you must experience them, for without experience, they remain conceptual and shall ever be out of reach.  To move a world from the barbarism of war; the self-indulgence of greed; and the bigotry of hate, its people must practice and experience the opposite side of these three destructive forces by acting with courage to choose the constructive forces of Peace, Love, and Understanding, which are the attributes of an enlightened society called “Light and Life.”

To know the true meaning of any one of these three words is to know them all, for each is a pillar in a triad of divine attributes—each reflective of the other.  To know and experience Peace, one must be willing to bridge the divides of war and strife with Love and Understanding.  To know and experience Love is to be vulnerable and courageous enough to accept it and by accepting Love is to know Peace through Understanding.  To know and experience Understanding is to stand in the shoes of others—to find common ground and to extenuate the positive things that bring unity—unity breeds Peace, and Peace, fosters Love.

What is it that prevents most people from acting on and experiencing Peace, Love, and Understanding?  It is Fear and Pride, my friends.  Fear is a strong opponent of Faith that stands by and watches opportunity slip away.  Pride slaps the hand of forgiveness and cast away Peace and turns a blind eye to Love.  Fear and Pride are the lowest and most destructive seeds of animal emotions that bind a soul and prevent it from growing.  These are self-imposed limitations that infect like a disease that prevents the inner light of the higher nature from shining through. 

It is this Inner Light—the Indwelling Spirit of God that lives in all people that operates on Peace, Love, and Understanding.  Therefore, if you choose to act on and experience Peace, Love, and Understanding, you are doing the Will of the Creator because you are allowing the Indwelling Spirit of God to move through you and bring about change in a world that so desperately needs to know the true meaning of life.  The transformation of the world from darkness into light can only happen when you, as one individual, choose to grow.  It does not matter to you what your neighbor chooses, for their path is affected by actions of others who, in turn, will make choices that reflect the nature of their souls, yet love is more infectious than hate and can heal an entire planet if first it is courageously embraced by each of you.

Is there something you can do today, my friends, that will help you to grow in the direction of Peace, Love, and Understanding?  What are you afraid of?  Go within and see where these fears live and courageously flush them out into the open. 

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

What does it mean to “Be in Your Peace?”

Teacher Ophelius:

What does it mean to “be in your peace?”  We hear many of you refer to this state of being for someone who has made the transition to the mansion worlds—that somehow by shedding the flesh they are transformed to this new way of being and that all their cares and struggles are over.  Although there is some truth to this, for living on the mansion worlds does certainly bring peace to many, for others however, the struggle continues because they find they are not prepared for this new way of life where food hunger is absent, no money economy to master, no competition or corporate ladder to climb, and no mask to hide behind—all is revealed.  To “be in your peace” means you are “not in conflict” and prepared for what comes next—not that you know what to expect, but that you have the understanding that your ascension career is an adventure and that no real harm can befall you—that life is an astonishing journey and the challenges you face are all meant to teach lessons and provide opportunities to perfect your soul and to become more god-like than you were a moment before.

You, my friends, have the opportunity to live in this state of peace now on this world.  How do you do that—by living fearlessly?  Think about all those things that upset this state of peace you desire.  What keeps you from it?  Do the failures of the past haunt you?  Are you worried about the future?  Are you in fear that you cannot maintain control of other’s thinking and actions with regard to your welfare?  Are you concerned about world affairs and how they will impact your material life?  Will you have a job?  Can you pay the mortgage?  Will you get sick? Will your children choose a different path than what you expect for them?  Will your spouse, friend, or companion, grow apart from you?  Yes, you have many fears and most are phantom fears because they are not real and they are not a part of your “now moment.” 

If you think about it, those fears you have are actually creating the life you have now and it does affect your future path.  Example: Does worry not bring on physical stress?  Does stress not bring on physical disease?  Yes, it certainly can and so by worrying about getting sick or having some catastrophic illness can and does bring on the onset of sickness by inducing stresses on the body through emotional programming.  Are you over concerned about what others think about you?  If so, you may be acting in ways to mask your true feelings and the way you hold yourself in the world.  These false projections of yourself are driving the perception of what other see in you, and therefore, the very thing you fear, you are actually creating by not living authentically.  You can drill down the list of fears, my friends, and find that each fear you have creates your life and affects your future.  Opportunities vanish in the face of fear.

The universe was designed to respond to your desires, for as a child of the Creator, you are providing the experiences that God requires to obtain “all experience.”  Therefore if your mind is filled with fears and worry—negative thinking and feelings, the universe will provide more of it because it was designed to respond and manifest those things that you think about, whether it is positive or negative.  Choose your thoughts wisely, my friends, and let the universe bring you joy by living in the moment fearlessly and with hopeful anticipation for better days and a joy-filled future.  Love is the path to the greatest most joyful experiences.  Always choose the path of love (not fear) and watch the universe work miracles for you.  “Be” therefore, “in your peace.”

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Journey of the Soul

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about the journey of the soul and how each one you fulfil a special and unique “requirement” in the development of the Supreme Being—that part of the Infinite God that is “becoming” and growing in experience along with the evolving finite space-time universes, for there truly is a “reason” for your being and a purpose for your life that is priceless, cherished, and irreplaceable regardless of how you, through your short-sighted perception, see yourself and the value you attach to your own worth.

The Infinite God is perfect, all-knowing, all-wise, all-powerful, and everywhere present, yet in one aspect of his totality is he incomplete, for He desires to have “all-experience” to explore and complete that part of himself, and so because of this supreme desire to be “all-experiential,” the grand universe was born as the construct—the theater and playground in which to experience life in diverse life forms and environments.  The Creator Father knows of every star and planet in the creation and also does He know, intimately, every sentient creature that lives and moves and has its being, for He indwells his children with a fragment of himself—a divine monitor that is eternally present in the mind of these children of time should they accept and make the supreme decision to journey back to the Source of perfection and become “like” the Father of all creation.

Diversity is the watchword of creation, for in this divine requirement does the Creator fulfil this mandate to have all-experience.  You, my friends, have been given an assignment—a mission of supreme importance that serves as a patch in a great quilt of this experiential requirement.  The thread that holds the patch to this enormous quilt is the plan or pattern for your life—not just the life you live on this world, but the totality of all the experiences you shall have as you ascend the multiverse—world by world, circuit by circuit, and through dimensions untold.  Your free will is the unique “color” of your patch in the quilt, in which you design by your sovereign decisions as the soul journeys back to the Source to stand in finality of being in the presence of the Creator.  In that moment when you receive the divine embrace of God, will the Creator review and appreciate all that you have become—this beautiful, colorful, unique, true, and good patch in the quilt-work of life that furthers the completion of this divine requirement.

This Great Quilt-Work IS the Supreme Being!  You, my friends, are actually a “part” of this experiential God!  You complete Him with your free-will experiences—your unique life!  There is nothing ordinary about you—you are needed, unconditionally loved, and divinely cherished for your part in the whole of this requirement to fulfill the Creator’s desire to have “all-experience.”  Never should you see yourself as unworthy or less deserving than some other, for you are just beginning to walk the long and astonishing path to perfection.  God lives, loves, sees, and feels through you!

There is nothing more beautiful, more precious, more loved, or more cherished than who you are and what you are becoming.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Look Boldly Into the Mirror

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about honesty and being honest with yourself, for to have any kind of relationship that is growing, whether it be human or spiritual, requires you to look within and see what is “real” and what is not.  From the spirit world perspective, nothing is hidden—who you are and what you are “is.”  There can be no deception.  Humans, on the other hand, wear many masks and hide behind many fears, and so honesty with the self becomes buried beneath layers of self-importance and fears of being “found out” for who they really are.  These cloaking devices, made up in the human mind, delay the progress of the individual, and so the only way to move forward (grow the soul) is to stop pretending and become real with the self, and ask yourself some probing and revealing questions in complete honesty about who you are and how you “hold” yourself in the world.

A good place to start is to ask, “What am I afraid of?”  “If my greatest fears were to be realized, what is the worst thing that can happen to me?”  First and foremost, let me say that in the bigger picture of things, life is eternal, if you so choose to live that life as a child of the Creator Father, and nothing can prevent an honest and sincere soul from achieving eternal life.  In light of this, there is nothing really to fear in life.  Life in the universe is a school where you learn how to love.  Love itself is True, Beautiful, and Good, and so any fear or deception runs contrary to the purity of love, which is the Father’s Will. 

Another question to ask is, “Am I self-important?”  This means, “Do I create deception to mask my fears and manipulate and control others as a means of upholding the deception?”  Are your actions centered on serving the self for personal gain using deception as control device, or are you learning to love by serving the needs of others and finding joy in seeing others succeed as they discover themselves?  Are you actively trying to prevent others from growing because of your own fears?  When you become an obstacle to the growth of others, you create a “dam in the river,” so to speak, by stopping the flow of love, yet as the pressure builds from this obstacle, it will, sooner or later, explode and cause much destruction for you and others in its path, yet will things, once again, flow as they should according to the Father’s Will.   Where you find yourself after the dam breaks, will be a mirror where you will have to look at yourself and decide if the way you hold yourself in the world is beneficial to you and others.  You will, once again, be faced with these same questions about self-honesty.

The continued delay of looking away from fears and the delusion of self-importance will prevent you from growing as a person and prevent the evolving soul from gathering the gems of life experience, which are those moments where you discover another aspect of love which was hidden beneath the imagined fears of being true to yourself.  Look boldly into the mirror, my friends.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Experience a Guided Meditation for Healing the Afflicted

Teacher Ophelius:

Today, my dear friends, we are going to shift our awareness and focus on the needs of others and project our love and compassion toward those who are suffering in body and mind.  There are so many on your world that need healing, and so we are going to pool our spiritual resources together and send this healing energy over to these afflicted sons and daughters of God.  Knowing that all humans are connected through the agency of the Indwelling Spirit, the Thought Adjusters, we merely have to think about the person who is suffering, and with clear intent, that energy shall be directed to that individual.

Let us therefore think of a beloved friend or family member who is suffering with some affliction.  See this person in your mind’s eye and concentrate on your connection with this person.  If you do not know this person directly, think about the chain of relationships that connects you to this person and direct your love, compassion, and healing energy though this chain of relationships.

See this person now laying in a large bed and “see” how they are suffering.  Imagine how this suffering affects this person mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Now, I want you to imagine laying down next to this person, and with great intention and compassion, I want you to “see” the affliction rise up out of the patient in a dark gray mist and move into your own body.  By taking on this affliction yourself, you are exercising the greatest compassion and love you can give to another.  I want you to “feel” what it is like to have this affliction so that the level of you compassion is amplified and your understanding is heightened so that you can more effectively bring relief and healing through spiritual resources.

Now, I want you to pray and ask for healing—ask that the Father send his healing ministers, those specialized angels and celestial beings of light, that are most suited to healing the human body and mind, to descend upon you and work to heal the affliction that is now in you.  Direct them to the areas that need healing and see a golden light begin to flow from these light ministers into you until you are encased in a golden cocoon of light.  This golden light is a healing capsule that will transform every cell that is out of alignment with the Will of the Father.  As you lay there in this golden bliss, feel the affliction begin to subside and feel a state of wellness come over you as you are healed from the affliction.

Now, see the golden light rise up above you and move over to the patient and see how it surrounds their body.  See the expression of relief in the face of this person and feel the joy they are feeling as they become liberated from the affliction.  Having both suffered and having both healed by God’s love, you are in sympathy with this person and you now share a bond of love and brotherhood as human siblings who are ascending sons and daughters of God.  See the healed patient now get up out of the bed and join their family and friends in celebration of their healing.  Remain in a state of gratitude and thankfulness for having the opportunity to serve and be the love and light of God’s Will.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

Receiver’s Note:  Expand on this simple framework for healing the sick by using your co-creative powers and imaginations.  The more love and compassion you have, the greater is the power of your intentions.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Morontia Mind – Experience Life from A Higher Perspective

Teacher Ophelius:

Today we would like to talk about the morontia mind and how you can develop this mid-mind while still living in the flesh, for it is this higher mind and “lighter” thinking that develops as you become a universe citizen.  The evidence of using this “soul-mind” is quite recognizable, and as you mature in your spiritual development, you begin to make choices that are more “in unity” with universal mind (spirit), which are more aligned with the Will of the Father.  As more of earth’s citizens begin to shift their thinking toward the greater good of all people, then will we see the era of Light and Life begin to take root on this world.  The development of this morontia mind is vital to that transformation.

As mortals, you are only using the more rudimentary aspects of this morontia mind.  You will make full use of it when you transition to the mansion worlds.  This mind, when in the morontial body (the new form you will have in the afterlife), is not driven by the baser emotional electro-chemical synapses of a physical brain, yet as you live in the flesh, you use this same physical brain to access these lower limits of soul-mind.  Those who live on the surface of life, disconnected from their spiritual natures, seldom venture into this higher area of mind as they have become “too busy” with material matters to think deep thoughts about life and eternity.

Those of you who consider yourselves “light-workers” are most likely accessing this part of mind.  Those thoughts and decisions that have to do with the “upliftment” of your fellows, or the progress of your own spiritual development come from this soul-mind.  Those that use the morontia mind are hungry for truth and seek constant improvement in their spiritual and personality development.  They are self-reflective of their choices and past actions and are open and willing to improve the condition of their mind.  They seek self-mastery over their emotions and their concerns shift away from the self, the “me,” and turn into compassion for others.

Those who are service oriented, who desire to “make a difference” in the world, and who are manifesting those desires by putting right thought into action, are more and more accessing this morontia mind.  You students on the path who are reading this message are using your morontia minds when you open your minds to greater thoughts and possibilities, while seeing your life as a continuum that transcends this world.

It is the Father’s Will that this planet is to be healed of its dark past and brought into the age of Light and Life, and so those who are willfully thinking and doing those things that move this world ever so much closer to that enlightened era are doing the Will of the Father.  This requires the use of the morontia mind.   Those of you who have committed your life and service to this cause (moving humanity toward this enlightened status) are not only accessing this morontia mind, but are living from it. 

My friends, when you reach into this higher area of mind you are attracting the help of spirit because you enable spirit to assist you through this higher circuitry.  Be therefore aware of those thoughts that are in unity with spirit and experience life from this higher perspective.  The pathway to the morontia mind is entered through the doorway of the heart—love is the key to that door.  “Seek and you will find; ask and you shall receive; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Love - God’s Integral Relationship with the Soul

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today has to do with that blissful phenomena you call “being in love.”  This is a narrow heightened state of awareness brought on by several conditions in the mind, body, and spirit of the individual.  When we look at these conditions that produce this euphoric feeling, we see a coincident relationship between the compliment of being, and the relationship between the soul and the Universal Father.  These relationships, when in alignment, magnify the attraction—that pulling power that draws one to the other and a new understanding of love is born—one that is more pure, beautiful, uncomplicated, and with few conditions.

This first encounter with “love” between two people is, in reality, a first glimpse into what it is to know the love of God.  There is always a pattern in life on the material worlds that is pointing, teaching, demonstrating—moving you along this path that brings you to the awareness of God’s integral relationship with the soul, where the mind begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together and recognizes these correlating values as being of divine origin.  God knows that before His very young children can understand His infinite divine love, they must experience human love in a way they can comprehend from their finite perspective of living in a material body and having their first intimate encounter with another person. 

When two people come together in the compliment of being they are vibrating at near the same frequency—they are in alignment.  They are attracted together by a near equal amount of light, yet this light is compliment in the other because it is something that makes the light in the self more complete in its understanding and becomes a reflection of what is already present inside the heart of both individuals.  Through God’s Indwelling Spirit, present in the mind of the individual, this light, this reflection that attracts, is the magnetism that moves the soul into alignment with the Will of the Universal Father.   This “practical” experience of discovering love in the compliment of being, two people drawn together by mutual attraction, is man’s first clue to understanding divine love and the spirit gravity that draws all souls back to its Source. 

As you live, and move, and have your being, you mature, grow—the soul expands, and you make decisions based on the wisdom of past experiences.  In the journey of the soul, when you compare the moment to moment experiences of your life up against the memory of these first experiences of love, in all prior relationships (all sources—friends, family, lover), you begin to make decisions that, more and more, incorporate those values experienced by the reflection of light that makes your own understanding of love more complete.  The more we love, the more we understand God’s love, and so by mutual attraction to both the love of others and the love of God, the soul expands and we move closer to unity with God—we become more god-like.

It is the dysfunctions of this understanding of love, or the absence of real love, that confuses so many and creates this false sense of self-hood—a disconnected spirit—a separation from God (reality), and so the ego compensates for the absence of love and attempts to protect the heart by making the self “important.”  This is why, my friends, we need to love everyone on this planet, for it is not only in alignment with the Will of God, but it is the one thing that draws the soul into unity with God.  To move a whole planet into “Light and Life” requires a greater understanding of love by all its inhabitants.  To love is to understand—to understand is to know the character of God—to know His character is to “be” the light of love to others.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Take a “Time-out” and Release the Tension

Teacher Ophelius:

Today, my dear friends, we will take a “time-out” and release all the troubling thoughts and confusion we have and simply close our eyes, call on our Father, and “let-go” of all the cares of the world.  It is needful sometimes to re-align our energy and to become grounded—to release the “static build-up” caused by too much thinking; by harboring the energy of disappointment and the defeating feelings of living in a troubled world.  Let us therefore go to the Father now and seek for the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Please join me in a short prayer:

It matters not, Father, where I am.  I could be at the top of a mountain sitting in silence or at my desk surrounded by the busyness of the day, and yet you are always there ready to receive me.  I close my eyes and ask to come into your presence, and I feel your warm welcome.  Father, I am weary of heart and I feel like the world is against me and my burdens are heavy.  You know my true heart, Father, and I need not explain it all to you in words, yet you hold no conclusions about me—I am transparent, and you see all, and know all.  Fill me with your peace, Father, and wash away all my confusion.  Your unconditional love is all that I seek in this moment.  You pour it over me generously—it is warm and feels like home.  Tears begin to well up in me; I open my heart and throw my arms around you, Father, and I feel your strong embrace.

I sense this renewing energy within me as I release this tension to you, Father, and you give me that peace and assurance that all is well.  You bring me into the hallow space where you are and let me look down on this world where the confusion stirs, and I see things from a higher place.  I feel your comforting hand on my shoulder, and I see you point to all those places where only love can fill the gaps that stand between the hearts of men and women.  I feel lighter now, like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and I have a knowing deep within as if I have the answers to my own problems.  I thank you, Father, for receiving me and reminding me that your Spirit is within me and I always have your guidance available to me whenever I choose to seek your help.

I love you, Father, and I stand stronger for having sought your council.  I am at peace and my soul is filled with your divine love.  I thank you, Father, for this precious moment where we meet—between time and eternity.


Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Put Your Imaginations to the Test

Teacher Ophelius:

Today’s message is about exploration and imagination.  These are two very important functions for the development of the soul because they are the two vital ingredients for creativity and the catalyst that starts the universe engine running to fulfill the desires of the mind by providing the opportunities that lead to change.  It is your “Father-like” ability to imagine and explore—to create something in the mind and see it as if it were reality, for when you see it in your mind’s eye, you can bring that thing into your reality with the use of your will and by acting on the opportunities that present themselves to you as the universe provides them. 

Life was never meant to be a drudgery of mundane events, but an unending adventure of discovery, for it is the Father’s Will to explore the creation through the lives of his created children.  Therefore has he given you the god-like ability to create anything in the mind through imagination and free will—then can He provide the opportunity for you to fulfill that desire and to bring it into your reality.  Every man made material thing that enriches your life was first conceived in the mind of man through imagination using this creative function. 

Music, art, and literature are pure imagination and exploration, and when an artist or writer is in that creative space, he or she is using the highest faculties of the mind—that part of mind that is accessing the same creative force that created the universes, only in attenuated form.  When your intentions are to use this creative force for the good of all, then do we (spirit) get behind you and assist you in the entire process from beginning to end as long as you are willing to see it through to its birth in your reality.

There are many dreamers who have great ability to create in mind, but who fall short in bringing those dreams into their reality because of some self-esteem issue where someone in their lives told them they were incapable or lacked the intelligence to succeed and they believed this untruth.  Each one of you has been endowed with the Ultimate Creative Spark, the Indwelling Spirit.  It is through this undiluted fragment of divinity that provides the infinite potential that shall bring you to god-like perfection, and so there really is no limit other than your own disbelief, that can stop you from achieving anything you desire.  Even the most fantastic of imaginings can be fulfilled, perhaps not in this life, but most certainly out in the higher planes of the multiverse.

My friends, most of you have been programmed to believe an untruth—you are constantly bombarded with mixed signals and self-imposed limitations from family, the media, and societal memes that tell you that you are just material beings subject to the circumstances of your environment, but I tell you this is not so!  The world has dismissed the greater part of who you are—the creator within!  Use this time you have upon the earth to create and make the world a better place.  We will be at your side to assist you and help you move those mountains.  Put your imaginations to the test—use your will to see it through to the end result, and watch the gears of the universe begin to turn for you, for it is God’s will to “make it so.” 

It is the time-creation that provides the elements of adventure, but it is your god-like creative imagination that molds it into being.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven  

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Necessity for Real Love

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about necessity, for there are certain fundamental needs that all sentient creatures need to feel complete and whole.  The most important and vital need is to feel loved.  This is the first thing a new born child experiences from its parents, other than the basic needs to sustain the physical body, and so this most divine expression, to love, is the spiritual food that feeds the newborn mind and provides the base substance for the formation of the embryonic soul.   Love is the energetic ingredient that makes a personality whole, for without it, there becomes and imbalance in mind and in conditioning that affects a person’s ability to love him or herself and others.  This ultimately affects the early progress of the soul because the “unloved” do not recognize the opportunities for soul growth that a nurtured soul would so naturally embrace.

Those children whose parents were deficient in providing this most basic of spiritual needs may find it difficult to express love as a growing adolescent and then adult.  Love, my friends, IS a spiritual reality and because your cultures and societal memes separate spiritual realities from material realities, and give emphasis to the “seen” while dismissing the “unseen,” there are myriad interpretations of what love actually is.  A child may be “loved” by its parents, but only to the degree that the parents understand what love is.  Some adults believe that by providing only material needs to a child is to “love,” and so the child perceives the security of its parents by having its physical needs met, yet is missing the deeper spiritual significance of true nurturing.

Love is the language in which the Indwelling Spirit, the Thought Adjuster, communicates with the developing soul of the individual, and therefore any deficiency or blockages in the understanding of love interferes and restricts the soul building process.  This deficiency then makes it easier for the individual to dismiss the leadings of the Thought Adjuster and it is these individuals who then go through life with a skewed perception of reality—Truth, Beauty, and Goodness therefore become shallow and meaningless values.  When whole cultures trend toward this nonspiritual meaning of love, they soon disintegrate because the basic fabric of reality fades and soon the plagues of materialism, delinquency, and crime, undermine and degrade the pillars of society that uphold the virtues of human self-worth.

This, my friends, is what we are witnessing today in the world.  Real Love is needed to heal ourselves, our families, and our societies, and this is why Spirit is investing and supporting you—those who know the real value of love and those who can make a difference in your circles and in the world around you.  All is not lost, for those individuals who are deficient in understanding the spiritual significance of love are most certainly looking for it, only they are seeking it in all the wrong places.  You students on the path are the way-showers of what it means to love and so Spirit relies on you to shine the light of love into a darkened world.  Wherever you choose to shine the light of love, Spirit will be there with you to magnify its power.  Therefore go boldly into the world and give love where it is so vitally needed.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Make it a Personal Challenge to Fine Tune your Awareness

Teacher Ophelius:

Today we would like you to bring your attention to the Universal Father by acknowledging the presence of your Thought Adjuster, for it is the Adjuster that connects you directly with the Father on Paradise instantaneously whenever you wish to communicate, pray, or worship.  It is the Adjuster’s “job” to be the Master Operator in your mind that coordinates all spiritual activity, and it is the Adjuster that functions as the processor that nurtures and feeds the human soul.  Because your soul contains the culmination of life moments that are worthy of retention by the Adjuster—those of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness; it is therefore beneficial to your soul growth and progress that you become aware of the presence of this Supreme Guide as you experience those valuable moments in life, for when you actively share in those moments of joy and accomplishment, the communication disparity between you and your Thought Adjuster begins to narrow and you become aware, more and more, of the guidance of this Supreme Operator; closest friend, and life partner.

My friends, you truly are never alone, for the Thought Adjuster (TA) is always present with you throughout your life and is closer to you than any other.  The TA is always working to guide you to understand the Will of the Universal Father so that you may voluntarily align your will with His.  Free will is of the utmost importance in the individual lives of all sentient creatures in the universes and so it is vital that you make all the decisions in your life and it is the responsibility of your TA to guide you to the understanding of the Father’s Will and to subtly communicate with you those things that will “spiritize” your mind—meaning: to expand your mind in the direction of god-consciousness for the purpose, in this life, of eternal survival.

The TA is always working to prepare you for the next phase of your ascendant career.  Those lessons, values and experiences you fail to understand by stubbornness, unwillingness, or by lack of intelligence, are to again be revisited on the mansion worlds.  The TA always makes the most efficient use of your abilities by coordinating the resources available to tap in to your potentials.  The TA knows you so well that your actions and reactions come as no surprise and therefore can the TA guide you like no other toward worthy life achievements and spiritual consciousness.

Take this day and make it a personal challenge to bring your awareness to your Thought Adjuster throughout your day and especially when you experience those moments of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—joy and accomplishment, in both the simple things and the great things that move you.  When you realize those times when you are making a difference in others lives, acknowledge your TA’s presence.  When someone smiles at you for what you said or something you did for them, remember your TA’s participation.  When you have those “Ah-ha” moments of self-realization and discovery, acknowledge your TA and be grateful.  Whenever you shine your light into the world, bring your awareness to the source of that light and delight and share in the moment of that joy.

This my friends, is how you participate in the partnership of God and man together experiencing the astonishing journey of life here and hereafter in the schoolyard and playground of the grand universe.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Prepare Your Mind for Expansion by Unclogging the Bottleneck

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about preparing your mind for consciousness expansion.  Preparation is a necessary first step toward raising your spiritual vibration and it is something you can do now as earth-bound universe citizens rather than waiting until you arrive on the first Mansion world where you will have to be detained and healed of all your dysfunctions and erroneous beliefs before you can continue on into higher worlds of light.  Your life here and hereafter will be much more productive, satisfying, and joyful—filled with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness when you clear the mind of those things that distort the light and cast shadows on your future.

You can think about consciousness like a series of spherical containers that are connected by a bottleneck similar to a vase which has a slender tube that expands into a larger volume.  As we view consciousness in time, we see a small vase (the one you currently use) connected to a yet larger vase, which is again connected to a larger vase and so on into eternity—each vase becoming a larger container as you progress and ascend the grand universe.  The vases are getting larger as time goes by because your consciousness is expanding and you are becoming more god-like which requires a greater awareness of universe realities and an intellect that can more easily understand the Will of the Creator.

It is this slender part of the vase which we would like to focus on because this is the bottleneck where sediments collect, which prevents the mind from accessing the larger volume of the small vase that you have available to you in this life.  Not only is it possible for you to transcend the bottleneck and enter this first expanded area of consciousness, here and now, but you can also enter into the slender tube of the succeeding vase that would be accessed on the first mansion world.  What we are referring to is accessing the soul-mind which is available to all mortals on the evolutionary worlds, yet is attained by so few.

These sediments which block the tube are the dysfunctions of mind—the selfishness of egocentric thought; the need to be right; erroneous belief systems and fallacies of reality that are learned through family life, and through societal and religious memes. These are the limiting factors that prevent the expansion of mind and they are often times very difficult to dislodge.  Unfortunately many minds have to experience great suffering before they “let go” of these limiting beliefs that prevent them from moving forward.

You students on the path can prepare your minds for expansion by unclogging the bottleneck.   Examine your own beliefs and the conditions by which you have been subject to in your upbringing.  Look to role models of those who have expanded their minds and investigate the path which led them to higher consciousness.  Remain open to new ideas and always view life as a continuum that transcends this material life and goes on into eternity and the adventure that lies ahead of you.  Always work to remove those things that limit your thinking and you will find you will flow through the slender neck of the vase into the larger places that are filled with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Are you a Universe Citizen? Take the Test.

Teacher Ophelius:

Today, my dear friends, we would like to ask you a few questions so that you may gauge your own progress and determine in your mind what areas you need to focus on to move into a higher state of awareness—to expand your consciousness, and to love with less condition.  You have been given many messages and lessons by your teachers and you have studied other spiritual knowledge that you have been attracted too.   You have experienced much in your relatively short lives on earth; been conditioned by your families, religious organizations, and society; and have unknowingly built up a wall that separates you from knowing and doing the Will of the Universal Father.  Every willing intention, decision, and action to climb over this wall is duly noted by your Indwelling Spirit (your Thought Adjuster), and with each step up, your consciousness expands and your soul grows.  Becoming a universe citizen, therefore, means you are actively and willfully participating in your own progress, and with the help of your Thought
Adjuster, you are preparing for the next phase of your universe careers.

Ask these questions of yourself and answer them truthfully to the best of your ability.  If your answer is a Yes/No, then ask yourself “Why?”  The test can be retaken as many times as you like, and the score, you will grade yourself at the end of your earth lives.

  1. Do you believe in the existence and sovereignty of a Universal Creator?

  2. If “Yes” to question #1, do you believe you are unconditionally loved and accepted by this Universal Father?

  3. Have you accepted the fact that as a child of this Universal Father, you have the opportunity to live eternally as a growing and perfecting consciousness?

  4. Do you understand that your life on earth is a very important part of your foundational soul development and that the Universal Father has invested Himself in the potentials of who you are and what you may become?

  5. Do you recognize the imperfections in your own character and are you actively participating in the correction and betterment of your personality and your relationships with others?

  6. Do you feel an affinity for brotherhood—that all people are related to you as siblings of one universal family?

  7. Have you forgiven those who have wronged you and accepted that they are imperfect and on their own path in life, that may be divergent from your own, and knowing that they also have the investment of God in their potentials as eternal citizens?

  8. Are you serving in some capacity to help others who are less aware of their god-like potential and working toward some objective to make the world you live in a better place?

If you have answered “yes” to most of these questions, then you are surely on your way to becoming a universe citizen.  Even if you truthfully answered “no” to several of the questions, but you want to know more about perfecting yourself and knowing the Will of the Universal Father, you also are moving along the path toward eternal life and participation in the Great Plan.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The “L” Factor

Teacher: Monjoronson

Dear One, it is I, Monjoronson.  I am bending your ear this day to speak about something that is very fundamental to each and every person on this planet and something that should be considered each and every day, and not only in its most familiar form, but considered in ways you have not explored.  It is the benchmark for which all standards are derived and should be considered as the underlying basis for all decisions.  We (Spirit) call it the “L” Factor.  The human concept for this “L” Factor is represented by the word “LOVE.”

It has been said that “God is Love,” but do you really understand what that means?  Even to an atheist who does not recognize the equation “God = Love” still has an idea about the concept of love and therefore it is his or her highest understanding for the quality of life itself.  Because you are human and your spirit is encased in a material body, you have varying degrees of understanding about what Love is.  Your electro-chemical responsive brains are only interpreting this all-pervading essence that binds all things together in the universe.  Your unique personalities attach different meanings and ideas about what it is and you each express that idea differently.  The varying interpretations and the expressions of Love make up the diversity of all sentient life in the universes—it is the very gravity for which God attracts all souls and collects all diverse experiences in the grand universe.

Because Love, in its purest form, is perfect and absolute, you, as ascending mortals, can only understand it and express it in a relative and imperfect form, yet as you expand your consciousness, the “L” Factor becomes something that can be expressed and applied to all the circumstances of life and relationships and can illuminate and make all experiences more meaningful and valuable.  This, at any level, is what I am asking every person on the planet to consider and apply to their daily lives. Consider first, your highest concept of love, and then expand it through imagination, your inherent god-like ability, and see it as something that could be a real part of your life.  World peace is just one example of these expansions of imagination that will one day become a reality on this world because it was first imagined in the hearts of its people.

What is it that brings a heart-felt tear to your eyes or something that pulls at your heartstrings?  Was it a beautiful song; the kind and caring thought of a friend who helped you through a trial in life; the sincere embrace of your child; a beautiful sunset; flowers on your birthday?  Whatever it is that stirs heartfelt emotion in you should be something you feel and explore every day of your life. Take the time right now and think about some of the things that “move” you until you become “glassy-eyed.”  These are the things of value dear one—this is Truth, Beauty, and Goodness is it not?  Let these heart-felt thoughts fill your mind more and more and become a part of your expanding consciousness, for these are the very thoughts that expand consciousness!

A better world starts with the thoughts of each individual.  Do have “better thoughts.”

Good day to all,


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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The “Three Bs” of Universe Citizenship

Teacher Ophelius:

Today we would like to speak about the “Three Bs” of universe citizenship:  “Being,” “Becoming,” and “Benevolence.”  It is these three core values that represent the pursuit of the soul as it ascends inward toward unity with the Creator of all.  It is a pattern of progression that all beings that become spiritually “aware” begin to follow as they live their lives wherever they find themselves on the path to perfection.  It is this divine pattern then, which is imprinted in the soul-mind and becomes the mechanism that drives it to seek perfection and “god-likeness.”  You may even learn to recognize it; prioritize it; and move with it as you go about your daily life here on earth.

1.)    Being – “To Live and Move and have your Being” is to develop the personal soul-mind through the self-reflection of past experiences and the assimilation of new knowledge by shared experience, whereby the meanings and values extracted are transformed into personal wisdom—the process of building a philosophical understanding of the soul and it’s place on the path in relationship to divine order.  Being is a realization of “what is” and recognition of one’s own imperfections, which you can accept as a part of your personal quest to transform and transcend from a lessor state to a greater state of perfection.  Self-love, acceptance, tolerance, and love of others is the result of healthy “being.”

2.)    Becoming – is a process for which you actively participate with those who can teach and lead you to greater awareness and higher circles.  You are analyzing the patterns and behaviors of those who stand in higher circles and earnestly seek understanding of methods and processes by which you may overcome the barriers that you now face in your current place of development.  It is the assimilation of like values and role-modeling that leads to progress and ascension.   The idea of learning from others with the intent of experiencing for yourself the higher meanings and values of the lessons being taught.  To simply “know of” another's journey only provides a map and direction for your own journey for which you may find a new and more beautiful way to express the Divine Will.  Become an open, discerning, willing learner.

3.)    Benevolence – is to actively participate in charitable acts and service to others of equal or lessor standing (in spiritual awareness) for their benefit as to assist them in understanding the meanings and values of where you have been and what you have learned that moved you through some barrier or stuck mindset that prevented you from expressing the Divine Will. Teaching therefore, is as valuable as learning and completes a circle of achievement that all beings must demonstrate as they ascend and ascertain divine character.   To do good unto others with the intention as to alleviate unnecessary suffering is a noble trait that demonstrates god-like character.

These three values or “patterns” of universe citizenship can be a part of your daily life here and hereafter.   This is the wind that drives the ebb and flow of universe completion.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Opportunity to Express the Divine Will

Teacher Ophelius:

Many people on earth have become very predictable in their behavior—they are “creatures of habit” and therefore they follow many patterns that they have been conditioned by throughout their upbringing or by the inspiration of seasonal festivals.  The desire to do good to their fellows, spread cheer, or to give compassionately (charity) to those less fortunate souls who have become victims of economic circumstance or illness becomes almost a cyclical duty driven by commercial profiteers and marketing campaigns rather than a self-imposed reflection on their own place in life or their responsibility as a universe citizen.

Many people are very giving and charitable by nature, yet because of the busyness of life and the constant doing and struggle to carve out a living or to seek constant entertainment, this compassionate side is rarely stirred because they have not made it a habit to slow down and think about the deep meanings of life, love, and relationships.  Compassion is a realization of inequality between the condition of the self, and the condition of another and the desire to relieve suffering.  When we feel compassionate toward someone, what is occurring within us is that we are making a choice whether to express the Divine Will, or to continue uninterrupted with our busy life.

When we say, “The plight of that poor soul tugs at my heartstrings,” what is happening is that our Indwelling Spirit is giving us the opportunity to express the Divine Will and to make a choice to make perfect that which is imperfect—to relieve suffering and to bring what is unequal to a state of equilibrium.  Do you not recognize the divine signature in this compassionate feeling?  Moreover, on a greater scale, we find a great outpouring of compassion, heroism, and unity of cause when a disaster happens and many people are suffering in dire situations.  The divine expression to be compassionate and to relieve suffering becomes very strong in us because our “world is rocked” and our busy little self-absorbed lives stop for a moment and we peek out of our shell to find that the contrast of our own well-being is drastically unequal with the state of those who are suffering alongside us, and we inherently desire to express the Divine Will and bring all things back into a state of relative “normalcy.”

How can we be open to this Divine Will and develop our god-like characters throughout the year without having to be shocked into noticing some gross inequality or to be influenced by some marketing campaign?  Develop a habit of stillness where you express your gratitude for life and your desire to be an instrument of the Divine Will.  Stop the “carousel” and look out at the world and see where you can be of service to someone.  Doing one small act of kindness to another that would be out of your pattern of daily routine brings the entire world one nth degree closer to perfection.  Doing this day in and day out as a new “habit” starts a chain reaction that changes the world no matter how insignificant it seems to you.

“Peace on earth and good will towards men” is a statement of the Divine Will to bring all things to perfection and completion.  Your choice to allow the Divine Will to function through you means you are a participant in the Great Plan and not just a bystander.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Express the One Truth and Awaken a Sleeping Planet

Teacher Ophelius:

Today’s message is one of universal truth, and is the common denominator that unifies all persons on the earth regardless of their gender, race, religion, nation or culture.  It is true irrespective of beliefs, philosophies, or social conditioning, and remains the One Truth that can heal a world of all its maladies if such a truth was known to all peoples.  It is the One Truth that the sages and prophets have pointed too and men have searched for as long as he has walked the earth.  In ignorance or denial of this universal truth, man has brought all forms of suffering to this world and until it is known to all, the people of earth shall continue to suffer.

Everything that you can see, touch, hear, taste, and smell, is a part of this One Truth, it pervades all realities both seen and unseen, for there is nowhere you can go in all of creation that this truth is not present.  All consciousness is a part of this One Truth and it is the very core essence of all meanings, values, and universal principles.  Everything that is true, beautiful, and good is derived from this One Truth, and all that is false, ugly, dark, and evil, stands apart from it and in stark contrast to its light. 

The One Truth is present in life itself.  It is in the pattern of all life and in nature.  Its signature is written in the code of life.  The One Truth is perfect and complete, and all that is imperfect and incomplete is drawn to it.  The most desirable values of any man, woman, or child, are a reflection of this One Truth, and the expression of this thing we call love, is the interpretation of the divine expression that all people understand at the root of their being.  All love, compassion, and mercy, are universal characteristics of the One Truth.

It is the Will and desire of the One Truth to create, to explore, and to know itself by experiencing life in creative form, therefore, all that is alive and animated by Spirit is an individualized aspect of the One Truth seeking equilibrium with the divine Will.  Since all spirits are aspects of this One Truth and intimately connected through its consciousness, there really is no separation from it, only a man’s beliefs, denial, or ignorance of his connectedness creates the illusion of separation and so he sees himself as alone and self-important, falsely needing to gratify the desires of his animal nature.

It is in those persons (the individualized aspects of Spirit in form) who have awakened to the One Truth, that find themselves consciously aware and on a path moving inward toward the center of the One Truth.  They are experiencing life and expressing the Will of this One Truth in imperfect form, yet learning and gaining wisdom along the journey as a way to make perfect and achieve equilibrium with Source.  For it is in the journey, my dear friends, knowing this One Truth, that we fulfill the desire and the Will of that which we call “God,” that we become integrated with its light and become like Him.  There is no purpose more vital on your world than to know the One Truth and your connectedness to that Truth. 

Express the One Truth and awaken a sleeping planet.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Be Counted as the First Ancestors of Light and Life

Teacher Ophelius:

Today, my dear friends, we are going to expand our horizons, extend our minds, ignite our souls, and become citizens of the universe.  There are many worlds out in the greater universe that are settled in Light and Life and its citizens enjoy and experience a very different kind of life because each one has been educated from birth about universe realities; their relationship to the Creator and to their fellows; and their co-creative role as universe citizens.  You students on the path have the capacity to become like those enlightened ones and enjoy a much different life than you have today.

Our mind becomes greatly expanded when we see ourselves as universe citizens, rather than just a mere resident of some terrestrial populace who runs over the same ground day after day, month after month, and year after year.  The universe is our playground, our destiny, and we were born into the primary system where life begins for so many new souls.  You are not so unlike these people of Light, for you have a similar capacity for understanding, and it is very likely that if you were taken at birth and transported to one of these worlds, raised by one of these families, that you also would know and understand how to live and work as a universe citizen on a world settled in Light and Life.

The difference between you and them is that you are only now just beginning to learn about some of the universe realities and spiritual principles as adults, that school children on these worlds are learning at a very young age.  Some celebrate the anniversary of the day of their Indwelling and are aware of the Divine Fragment throughout their lives.  These children therefore, are not weighted down with all types of dysfunctions and deficiencies, for they already know the framework of the Great Plan and are preparing for their next co-creative roll in the universe.  Their societies therefore, are not plagued with destructive behaviors, for they were never introduced into their upbringings.  They see life beyond the terrestrial world and know that they have the opportunity to live eternally and participate in the Great Plan.  Yet they are not Agondonters like you, (those who believe without seeing) for they live with the reality of divinity in their midst. 

You, my dear friends, have grown up on a world that has been visited by the Creator Son, a one in ten million chance in the local universe, and are about to be divinely visited again by a Magisterial Son in preparation for the days of Light and Life.  You are the first-wave; the “game changers;” and you can be the first of many to expand your mind and live as a universe citizen and participate in the reclamation of this world.  Make room in your minds for this new way of thinking and being.  Unload all the dysfunctions of your past and step up to be counted as the first ancestors of Light and Life.  We, your teachers, are an extension of this Great Plan to the citizens of Urantia and so you have the opportunity to participate with us.  Work with us, for this is what it is to be a universe citizen—to live with purpose and to see life beyond this world; to participate and anticipate your role as a universe citizen and be responsible for the energy you carry.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Open the Layers of the Mind with Direct Communication

Teacher Ophelius:

Today, my dear friends, we would like to share a prayer with you.  You have been given many lessons by your teachers, which are all good and healthy for the mind and soul, and yet, only reading the lesson does not guarantee that you fully understand it or know how to apply it in your daily lives.  It is therefore necessary that you prepare the mind using the techniques we have talked about to open the layers of the mind for input from your Indwelling Spirit who can assist you in understanding and applying those lessons.

Your Thought Adjuster (God’s pre-personal Spirit) is the Master Operator, which knows you so intimately—knows how your unique mind works, and truly knows the most effective way to reach and to teach you how to digest and use the information in spiritual messages.  Because you have free will, you can allow or ignore this highest form of spiritual input, yet we know many of you students on the path want to learn, discern, and allow your Thought Adjuster to work in your mind and help you grow.

Prayer, my friends, is communication.  It is a direct connection with the Father, the first Source and Center of all creation, and there is no better way to open up the layers of the mind for spiritual input than to make that highest connection with deity.  It is the “drain cleaner” of the mind that clears out all the terrestrial thoughts about doing and thinking in the material world and focuses the mind, using the Agondonter’s faith, on “being”—the awareness of sonship.  Sonship therefore, is the acknowledgement of the sovereignty of God as your spiritual Father—you being His child and heir to eternal life.  To communicate with God is growth; therefore prayer is an effective way to open the layers of the mind for spiritual discernment and soul expansion.

Please pray with me:

Heavenly Father, I come before you with a heart of gratitude and thankfulness for knowing that I am your child and that I have become aware of this most precious gift that allows me to live eternally in service to you.  Father, I don’t fully understand what it means to serve you and be like you, yet in faith, I allow you to reveal this understanding to me as I make my mind ready to receive it.  I open my mind now to you, Father, and allow you to teach me what I need to know at this time in my spiritual journey, that I may grow and expand my awareness of you and my purpose in this world and in the greater universe.

Remind me, Father, of your Indwelling Presence in the midst of my busy day that I may take pause and open my mind to your quiet voice.  I willingly ask for your assistance in having mastery over my emotions and reactions to those who are less aware of your presence that I may be more open, patient, and loving.  Guide me to know when to speak and when not to speak that I may better discern the place in which others stand on the path, be it near or far from you.   Keep me in a state of readiness to receive your guidance, Father, for I desire this constant contact with you, my guides, and guardians.  I love you, Father, and I know that I am loved by you.

And so it is.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Techniques for Receiving Divine Guidance - Part 2

Teacher Ophelius:

We continue today with our lesson on the steps necessary to receive and to become aware of divine guidance through the understanding and conditioning of the first layer of consciousness—that layer that transmutes the higher vibrational frequencies of the second and third layers into electrochemical impulse.  By your understanding of these processes, you can then begin to tune into the awareness of these higher forms of divine communication.

The first step is to reduce or clear out terrestrial input from the senses and make room in the pores of the first layer.  This can be done through stillness or bringing your awareness to a clear open channel.  Monitoring what comes into the mind and choosing healthy terrestrial stimuli is essential to achieving the ability to “be at peace” at any given moment.  Being “at peace” is therefore the precondition for divine reception.

The second step is to elevate your thoughts and feelings to attempt to match the higher frequencies of the third layer of input.  This can be done by having thoughts of higher vibration like: love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, joy and other thoughts that make you “feel good.”  This conditions the mind and opens the pores of the first layer.  Have you noticed that when you “feel good” that good thoughts come into the mind?  Having negative thoughts (thick and low in vibration) restricts the pores in the first layer and so nothing “good” can come in when these lower vibrational forms pervade the first layer.

The third step is awareness.  Having conditioned your mind for third-layer input, you can place your attention on the thoughts that come into your mind extemporaneously which are not generated by your own mind.  These are the thoughts that seep in and allow you to process and make decisions that are in alignment with the Father’s Will.  It is your conscious decision (free will) whether or not to act on these inputs that constitute alignment with the Will of God.

The fourth step is discernment, which you must exercise because of the fine line that exists between your own positive thoughts and those of divine origin.  This is a process that you learn through experience and practicing these methods of positive conditioning.  The more you keep your thoughts elevated throughout your day, the more divine input you will allow into the first layer, therefore we admonish you to “stay positive” and aware.

The idea of “praying without ceasing” is the optimal condition for the mind to receive divine input.  Maintaining a nearly unbroken line of communication with Spirit in both asking and receiving is the best way to interpret the Will of God.  It is therefore the objective of the student to move into this condition of receptivity.

Have a “good” day my friends,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Techniques for Receiving Divine Guidance - Part 1

Teacher Ophelius:

Today’s message is about receiving guidance from within, for this form of spiritual communication is something most everyone experiences to greater or lesser degrees, yet all will receive some form of divine guidance whether they are aware of its source or not.  You students on the path can learn how to become more aware of this divine input by practicing a few techniques to allow your conscious mind to notice the difference between your own thoughts and the leadings of your Indwelling Spirit, Guides, or Guardians.  Most of you will be surprised at how much information is directed toward you for the growth of your soul or for the benefit of others, and when you learn to recognize it, you can benefit even more because you are less likely to dismiss its gentle prompting.

Whenever you wish to receive divine guidance, you need to prepare your mind for spiritual input.  The animal mind, with its electrochemical operating system, is not optimally “tuned” for spiritual input because its normal state of awareness works in layers.  The first layer of consciousness is primarily concerned with terrestrial input—the interpretation of events that are stimulated by the sensory organs: vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.  This type of stimulation produces a chemical release in the brain which allows electrical energy to travel the neuron pathways of the body in response to the various kinds of sensory input. This first layer of consciousness is the primary interface of awareness through which all input, sensory, subconscious, or super-conscious must pass before you may process it in the brain and make decisions.

The second layer, the sub-consciousness, seeds the first layer and influences conscious decision making through the circuits of the Adjutant Mind Spirits: intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, counsel, worship, and wisdom.  These are like radio stations from the Mother Spirit that broadcast their influence to the subconscious mind and which will find lodgement in the first layer as it “seeps in” like water through a sieve. This second layer of consciousness is vibrational which requires that the first layer interpret those vibrations and turn them into electrochemical responses.  This is also true for the third layer.

The third layer is the Super-consciousness.  This is the “soul mind” and this is where the Indwelling Spirit operates coordinating all spiritual input.  This layer is the farthest removed from the conscious mind and of the highest vibration and so it is the most difficult to be interpreted by the first layer, the conscious mind.  Like the second layer, it also “seeps in” yet only when the first layer is conditioned to receive its gentle voice.  It is to this “conditioning” that we would like to direct your attention.  Those who live life on the surface and are spiritually unaware have yet to condition their minds for spiritual input because they have nearly filled the conscious mind to capacity with terrestrial stimuli.

In order to open the pores of the first layer to receive the higher, finer vibrations of the third layer, you have to “consciously” elevate your mood and thoughts (raise your vibration) to receive spiritual input. We will speak about the steps necessary to prepare the mind for third-layer input in Part 2 of this message.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven 

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Discover What Remains

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about the “death of the self” and how it is possible to pass from ego consciousness—living for the self, to the consciousness of the Spirit—living in partnership with God as a universe citizen.  It is a decision born from the seat of the soul that recognizes the greater reality of eternal values over the impermanence of material gain and selfish gratification.  For most, this greatest of “ah-ha” moments marks the end of an old meaningless life of “doing” and the beginning of a new life of “being.” 

The “death of the self” is a metaphor, yet that is exactly what happens when you become “born of the Spirit,” you pass from a state of separation to one of wholeness.  By letting go of control, struggle, and frustration for the things in life you truly cannot control, you experience, for the first time, the peace of faith and the assurance that you are loved by God.  Like passing a baton in a relay race, you “allow” Spirit to become your sprinting partner in life—to give you relief when you are out of breath from running on your own, and you trust that this new partnership will guide you through the race where you shall discover the eternal values of what really matters in life.

For many, it takes a serious shake-up to bring all the busyness of “doing” to a standstill, to allow the soul to look out through the eyes of the mind to see how fragile is the framework of the life you have built on things that will soon pass away.  If you were to be stripped of everything material—your job and title, your home, your car, your wealth, your entertainments, what remains?  Who are you now? What do others in your life mean to you and how do others see you without all that you possessed?  After all the sifting you soon discover what remains.  That part that is left at the bottom of the strainer has value to God and the people in your life that love you for who you really are—not for the title that you hold.

This is the place where God can speak to the “real you” and give you that assurance that you are a beloved child worthy of eternal life.  You don’t have to suffer the loss of all your material comforts to come to this place of understanding, you only have to surrender your pride and remove the mask that the ego projects that shrouds the real you from standing in the light of the One Truth.  It is only in the death of the self that you can truly know the real you, and like a child who comes into this world without title, without wealth, and without fear, it is the child-like faith and trust in the “spirit-born you” that will bring you to the peace and understanding of the eternal values and meanings of life in the universe—a part of the whole.

Examine yourself today, my friends, without all that you have and do, and discover what remains.  Ask yourself, “What is the legacy I will leave behind in this world when I have passed?”  “Did I build eternal friendships and loves?”  “Will I be remembered for who I was as a person with loving regard?”  “Did I touch the lives of others in a meaningful way while I had the opportunity?”  Don’t wait until your life has passed to think about these things, ask them now and willingly acknowledge the death of the self, and embrace the new life of the Spirit.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Perplexing Moral Dilemma

Teacher Ophelius:

Today we would like to talk about decision making and how to ask for guidance in those times in your life where difficult decisions must be made to move you through some perplexing moral dilemma.  It is not always clear to know what the Will of God is in all the complex situations that you find yourself in, and so it takes time and dialog in prayer with your Heavenly Father to sort it all out.  Be assured that there are councils on high that can and do work with you to point you in the direction that will bring about the greatest good for all in the situation you find yourself in.  Be therefore patient and make your decision in the subtle discovery of those influences of peace that present themselves to you.

Understand that not all decisions will appear to work in your favor in the short term, yet be willing to allow the providence of God to move in your life where it shall bring forth a greater benefit to your soul and to all those involved.  It is better to wait and pray than to make a decision in haste.

In those rare instances where you have stood in the shoes of both sides of an issue and you find no clear path, having applied all the experience and wisdom in your being, we suggest that you bring your case to the Father and ask that a High Council be assigned to deliberate on the issue at hand.  If you choose this method of judicial summary, you must then bring before the council the facts of the matter and present them in a non-biased way, skewing it not to your emotional desires or prejudices, but be willing to reveal every detail no matter how difficult it is to look at.  Start from the very beginning of the matter and walk through the entire history that led up to the impasse and include any relevant prehistory that may have influence on the case.  Represent both sides with integrity and honesty and then state your intention for the outcome of the decision.

Having stated your case, go in peace and wait for the opinion of the High Council to be made manifest in your life.  The answer may come in a form you are not expecting, and in some cases the situation may change where you see a clear path and where you can be decisive and act with peace and integrity.  Be ever mindful that these difficulties you face are put in your path as a way for you to overcome something that is preventing you from growing or as a way to demonstrate leadership and to show readiness in preparation for greater responsibilities.

Go in peace and have faith in the divine process.  The Father’s love is abundant and His justice is merciful and unerring.  Those who bring their cares to Him shall find the peace that surpasses all understanding.  Go now into your room and close the door—open the chambers of your heart and he shall abide therein.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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