Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Where is Monjoronson?

An editorial by Chris Maurus:

There has been a lot of speculation about the Magisterial Mission and whether or not Monjoronson will appear soon in the flesh and begin the difficult task of setting this world on a path to Light and Life—or will he be “delayed” because of something we humans are or are not doing that affects the timing of His appearance on our world?  We have all had our hopes dashed to pieces more than once and like the familiar metaphor I have heard used, “It’s like having Lucy pull the football away just as Charlie Brown is about to kick it.”  Like Charlie Brown who faithfully trusts that Lucy will not pull the football away, he sets himself up for defeat again and again and so do we as we consume all the hearsay and conflicting transcripts we get from the various transmitters around the world concerning the “timing” of the Magisterial Mission.  I would like to explain why I think the Magisterial Mission is “on-track” and running according to a “divine plan” despite our assumptions and expectations.

If we want to know how Spirit operates, let’s look at the past and see what history tells us about “celestial missions of mercy.”  We know from the Urantia Book that Machiventa Melchizedek came to this world nearly 2,000 years before the birth of Jesus (take note: 2 millennium).  He was sent here because the light of truth about God was nearly extinct on the planet—clearly there was no condition or behavior upon which the inhabitants of the world at that time would have delayed his appearance—they were in utter darkness and needed help.  If anything, the sad condition of the human mind at that time was the very thing that brought him here.

(1014.3) 93:1.1 Revealed truth was threatened with extinction during the millenniums which followed the miscarriage of the Adamic mission on Urantia. Though making progress intellectually, the human races were slowly losing ground spiritually. About 3000 B.C. the concept of God had grown very hazy in the minds of men.

With this in mind, let’s ask ourselves: If the human race continues on its current path—starting new wars, creating chaos and untold human suffering in the world, and wreaking havoc in the financial markets of the world, can this delay the appearance of the Magisterial Son who is said to come here to put the affairs of this world in order and to consummate the era of Light and Life?  I have heard it said more than once in various transcripts that he will be delayed because we are not ready to receive him.  Does this ring true knowing that the very reason he is coming is because of the great confusion and condition this planet is in and that we cannot seem to “fix it” on our own?  How do we move beyond the legacy of the Lucifer Rebellion?  Certainly it would take many generations of people who are slowly waking up to god consciousness to overcome the hate, greed, and inequality we witness every day in this world to have a lasting effect on world governments and social order.  Could it be done this way?  I think yes, but then why would we need Monjoronson?  We need him because of his vast wisdom and experience as an Avonal Son who has done this work in other universes.  Yes, we will have to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work of turning this thing around, but without his help, it would take a very long time and many billions of souls born into this world for generations would suffer from the continued collateral damage inflicted by the Luciferian legacy. 

(1014.4) 93:1.2 The twelve Melchizedek receivers knew of Michael’s impending bestowal on their planet, but they did not know how soon it would occur; therefore they convened in solemn council and petitioned the Most Highs of Edentia that some provision be made for maintaining the light of truth on Urantia.

In the time just prior to Machiventa’s mission there were no “public opinion polls” taken by the celestial government on whether or not to take action based on the “readiness” of the inhabitants of the planet.  The need was clearly there and so the Melchizedek receivers put a plan together.   Machiventa Melchizedek was sent here alone, as a fully developed adult, with the task of bringing the light of truth back to earth—to seed it deep in the minds of humans who had practically no idea about the nature or existence of a loving God—a daunting task for any one person to take on.  It would seem that Monjoronson is facing an even bigger challenge then did Machiventa in his time.

What are our expectations about how Monjoronson will appear on our world?  Will he come here with great fanfare—with power and glory—will every eye witness his grand entrance?  Again, let’s look and see how spirit operates in these situations:  

(1015.1) 93:2.1 It was 1,973 years before the birth of Jesus that Machiventa was bestowed upon the human races of Urantia. His coming was unspectacular; his materialization was not witnessed by human eyes.

Even Jesus, the incarnated Creator Son, came here quietly—born like any other normal human child and grew up without royal robes, pomp and circumstance, and began his teaching ministry quietly at first, as an adult male of his time and day.  We know from the multitude of transcripts we have in the Teaching Mission Archives that Monjoronson will not be coming here as a babe like Christ Michael (Jesus), but as a fully mature man just as did Machiventa.  We can all speculate the reason for that is because of the urgency of the mission—there is not enough time for one born of woman to grow up and become the Magisterial Son, yet like Machiventa, he comes at a most auspicious time—on a mission with timely reason and with the blessing of the Father to bring earth back into the fold of enlightened planets.

When Monjoronson walks upon the earth in the flesh for the first time, what do you think will be his first order of business?  Will he use superhuman power to tap into all the TV broadcasts of the world and announce his agenda and make demands on the powers that be, or will he come quietly and build his network of faithful and loyal operators as did Machiventa with his colony of devotees at Salem who eventually spread out around the earth and seeded all the world religions? 

What about this thing called “materialization?”  What is involved in that?  How does a paradise citizen—an Avonal Son, with all the power and perfection of a high spiritual being of paradise take his immense consciousness and squeeze it into a human “meat-sack” with a human brain that runs on electro-chemical impulses.  Seems to me that there would be some kind of an acclimation period where he learns how to operate this new cumbersome interface for which he has no prior experience with.  Certainly Machiventa went through a similar process where he needed to acclimate to the interface and the environment.  We do not know what that process is, or how long it takes, but we do know that it is not magic, that there are the natural laws of the universe that govern the process no matter how advanced the technology.  Anything that comes into the slow thick soup of the material realms is somewhat subject to the laws that govern that realm.  I suspect there are some difficulties associated with materialization.

What happens to Monjoronson’s communication network—does it remain as it was when he was in spirit form?  Does he retain his multidimensional contact with all celestial operators and humans alike as he has during his contact with us in the Teaching Mission era of the past, or is there some diminution of his abilities to communicate while operating with a human brain?

(1016.2) 93:2.8 During the incarnation in the flesh, Machiventa was in full contact with his eleven fellows of the corps of planetary custodians, but he could not communicate with other orders of celestial personalities. Aside from the Melchizedek receivers, he had no more contact with superhuman intelligences than a human being.

I think certainly that Monjoronson will have greater ability and capacity to communicate than did Machiventa because of his order as an Avonal Son of paradise, yet I would think there would be a diminution of ability associated with the human form.  Don’t you think it odd that currently there are few messages coming from transmitters with Monjoronson’s signature—especially in the last two years?  Who are we hearing from mostly concerning the Magisterial Mission?  We hear from Charles and Serena from his executive staff!  Yes, we occasionally get a transmission from Monjoronson, but nothing like the frequency we were hearing from him just a few years ago.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusion about why that is so.

I’m not going to speculate on the timing of his arrival and pull another football away from Charlie Brown, but to those who are faithful and hopeful, I say consider the times and what is going on in the world.  The spiritual pressure on this planet is palpable and those who are sensitive to it are feeling the change of seasons.  If we are indeed the ones who determine our own destiny, then let’s keep Monjoronson in our consciousness and make him welcome here.  I for one would rather he come quietly and find me “ready to receive him” than to pass from this life and watch from afar a hundred generations pass who can eventually measure up to the standard of our assumptions and expectations of readiness or worthiness to receive him.

Gratefully yours,

Chris Maurus

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

“Go with the Flow” - Embrace Change

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about embracing change.  What do I mean by this?  Each one of you will come to a place where you must “shift” and move from where you are today to where you shall be tomorrow, whether it is a state of awareness, a change in jobs, a new home, a new relationship, or releasing an old relationship that no longer serves you.  These are all “chapters” of your life that must be experienced, yet like a book, the chapter must be completed and come to a close, for new life, and new experiences await you in the chapters ahead where you may discover new meanings and new ways to grow in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  These are all rungs on a ladder, my friends, which you must climb to move from imperfection to perfection as you are guided along your life plan by Spirit.

Many of you students on the path are feeling this “tug” to move, to change, to reinvent your lives and to step out of your comfort zone which you have settled into for so long.  It feels as if a new day is dawning and you no longer fit into the old routine and rhythm that you have known for so long.  Change is inevitable—it shall come, but how you handle the change will determine the difficulty or ease of the transition—that period where you adjust and make space for the new era of your life.  Will you resist it, or will you flow with it?  Will you be fearful, or will you have faith that Spirit has your best and highest welfare in mind—helping you to grow and discover greater levels of love and personality maturity?

When you become aware that you are moving into a transition of change, also be aware of the synchronicity that accompanies that change.  This is a time for new opportunities and many signs will point the way that will help keep you aligned with your life plan—that ideal life where potentials can be developed for the greatest amount of soul growth for the given abilities and accumulated wisdom gleaned thus far in your life experience.  Those with the greatest amount of faith will seize the moment and step into the greatest of opportunities, while those who are more fearful, will let those optimal moments go by and may take a lessor path with more difficulty.  These more difficult paths are learning opportunities and there can be much value in them, yet to those who will “go with the flow” and do not resist, but instead embrace it, may find the greatest joy and satisfaction on the other side of the transition.

Please keep in mind, my friends that all will be well in time and eternity and there is nothing for you to fear.  God knows what you need even before you ask it, therefore “seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given, knock and the door will be open to you.”  These are not fairytale clich├ęs, but are real “cause and effect” outcomes for those of great faith.  Communicate your needs and desires to Spirit and do not impose expectations as to how they will unfold—go with the flow of opportunities and step into the next destination of your life.  When you live your life by faith, you shall have no regrets, for God desires that you have a joyful life filled with love and treasured experiences.  If it is not that way now, then look forward to the change that is upon you and embrace it!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Soul Treasure - Practice the Art of Friendliness

Teacher Ophelius:

“Those who would have friends must find themselves friendly.”  These are the words of the Master as he was asked by his young traveling companion how it was that He could so easily make friends with new acquaintances.  The Master went on to explain to the lad that you must become curious and interested in those things that are important to the individual and to get them to talk about themselves.  Jesus wanted to know how men felt and how they thought about themselves and about the world around them.  He was truly interested in them and when someone finds that you are interested in them, they will open up and connect with you because they feel safe that they can share their thoughts and feelings without being judged.  It is important for you students on the path, if you are to be truly effective as the torch bearers of truth in a dark world that you “find yourselves friendly.”

You cannot be a light if you “hide your lamp under a bed,” and so you must put it on a lamp stand where it can be seen by everyone.  If you only associate with those who are like you, then you may find that your circle of friends is small and all those wonderful qualities that you have within you may not be shared with those who are searching for light.  My friends, there are so many on your world who do not have a clue about the things of spirit, yet they are searching for it and do not yet realize it.  How then will they find this light if those who have it move through the world with “tight lips?”  Certainly you must use your discernment when choosing what to share and how much, yet you can open the door to those higher truths first by being interested in what others think and feel.

If you are blessed to have found yourself on this higher path, then find it within you to make new friends and to be an example of someone who is friendly and who can connect with others without judging them.  You may find that some are too far away from you in their values and beliefs, and only a surface relationship is possible, yet there may come a time when those you have befriended will reach out to you because their thirsting souls, having been tested by the circumstances of time, will then recognize the light within you. 

If you are looking for kindred spirits, how then will you find them except that you practice the art of friendliness and become truly curious and interested in others thoughts and feelings?  This is how you find them, my friends, and this is how you “set your orbits” of relationships—those who are closer to you as intimate kindred spirits and those that are farther away--which you continue to hold in your “gravity.” 

Relationships are the soul-treasure of eternity, for it is in your life purpose to have a diversity of experiences and relationships that teach you how to discover those hidden layers of love that exist everywhere in the universe.  Seek for those golden nuggets, my friends, by discovering the hidden treasures within your fellows, and by doing so, you may discover some hidden layer of love within you that you did not know was there.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Manifest Love from the Great Potential

Teacher Ophelius:

Today’s message is very special, for it contains the attachment of energetic vibrations that can elevate your own spiritual signature and raise the level of your awareness.  You may ask, “How can mere words read from a document transmute spiritual energy?”   My dear friends, think about what a greeting card, a thank you, or a kind word does for your wellness?  If the sentiment is genuine, heartfelt, loving, and with an authentic intention, that energy is transferred from the sender to the receiver.  If the words were sent as an obligatory statement without any real regard, those words are hollow—there is no connection, and there is no transfer of spiritual energy—yes, I said spiritual energy.  Love, my friends, is spiritual energy.  It is the one energy that fills all space in the universes and waits in potential for a co-creative personality to bring it into form.

My intention for you, my dear students, is one of genuine love and heartfelt regard, for I so desire that each and every one of you reading my words would feel this “real” love energy that is attached to my words and let it soak into your soul.  You are my family, my students, those that hear me and have a connection with me.  You, who have felt my words at this deeper level do have a connection with me and because there is a real connection, that energy flows in both directions—I get the feedback when joy runs through your soul and you smile—that energy is felt here on the mansion worlds and it brings joy to us when you “get it” and your awareness opens up a new space inside where it can be filled with truth, beauty, and goodness.  That, my friends, is progress, for Love is the greatest teacher and the most potent soul elevating energy there is.

When you read a book that is very interesting to you and you get great joy from the “ah-ha” moments where your consciousness expands—you are receiving the spiritual energy that is the authors intention—you have a connection with the consciousness of that author—the book, the words, the ideas, “resonate” with you, meaning you vibrate in similar frequency with the authors intention.  Those books that you do not understand or they lack any real personal value for you do not make a connection and therefore there is no transfer of energy.  It’s a circuit and there must be a connection to transfer the energy.  When the energy moves from the transmitter to the receiver, there is light!

Knowing now how this works, my dear students, I have an assignment for you.  I ask that you would write an email to someone you have a connection with and dig deep inside your soul where the greatest values lay, and pull out the most loving thoughts you can think about this person and communicate to them your most heartfelt intention.  Please think about the connection with this person, and remove all the layers of fear and doubt you have as to how the message might be received, yet focus on the more pure spiritual component of how your intentions of love and kindness are elevating the vibrational energy of this trusted friend.  Imagine the look on the face of this person who is to receive your letter.  Feel the love and joy in your own heart as your write, and know that this same feeling of joy, love, and regard will be transferred to the recipient in the form of love energy.

Now, having completed this assignment and sending off your email, notice the energy you have and how you feel about this act of love that was created by you and brought forth from the vast sea of love potential and made manifest on your world.  How powerful is that!  The love energy that returns to you when your intentions are pure is ten-fold and goes right to the soul and becomes a part of your eternal treasure.  Imagine if every person on the planet was to write a letter like this—how quickly would the energy of the world change!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Trust, Believe, and Transform—You are the Conduit

Teacher Ophelius:

Peace, love, and all things True, Beautiful, and Good do I surround myself with as I begin this labor of love I send to you this fine day my beloved friends.  How wonderful it is to share this blessed energy—that which comes from God, through me, and into you.  Do you see how powerful it is to direct this divine energy when you open yourself up to the divine wellspring?  I set my mind upon those virtuous thoughts that come in from the Father, and I assure you it is from Him because he is present in the minds of all His children who open a space for Him to come through.  When you actually believe this and know it in your heart, the light from His divine love will pour out of you, though your heart and into the hearts of those around you—you cannot contain it—it must refract and shine forth like a diamond in the sun.

This divine love—His energy, I attach to these words, yet as you receive them, the Father Fragment within you transmutes the meaning and value the words represent and paints a unique picture in your own mind, which is then interpreted by the heart.  Once it gets into the heart, its vibration is magnified by the past experiences where God’s energy moved through you building on this wave until it bursts forth and radiates through you and out into the world.  Do you understand the path of this energy?  Like you, I also magnify this energy in my own heart and with my own unique vibrational signature that you, my beloved students, recognize, which stimulates the heartstrings because we have trust and from that trust we open up a space where God’s love and energy can come in. 

Think about this:  Most of you students know me.  You have become familiar with my energy and how I teach.  Many of these messages do resonate with you, and that is in part because of this trust we have that my words come from a pure place and with good and loving intention.  With this trust, you “allow” a space to open within you and you fill yourself with the energy that is attached to these words.  It is a familiar space.  Just as you know and trust me and trust my intention, you believe and it is then written on the pages of the heart and stored away into the soul where it combines with other true values and begins to grow into a clearer picture where you can more easily digest the essence of its energy. 

You now can do as I do.  You can go directly to the source of God’s wellspring and open a space because you have trust in the Indwelling Presence within you.  It is a familiar space.  When you begin to really believe in the Father’s Presence that lives in your mind and speaks from your heart, you can transform this energy into Light that is visible on your world.  It is a way for you to “bring Heaven to Earth.”  Trust, Believe, and Transform.  You are the conduit for this divine energy and it is within each and every one of you to learn, to believe, to know, and to do.

My words as a teacher are intended to bring you to this place of trust within yourself and with your own God Fragment so that you will learn to go directly to the Source of that divine energy and become familiar with it and to trust in it.  All the power is there—right there within you and all you have to do is to open up that space with this trusted and familiar friend—God within, and transform His love into His Will in your world.

Peace to you my beloved friends,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Real Love is Freedom

Teacher Ophelius:

Today we would like to, once again, speak about the human interpretation of Divine Love.  I say “interpretation” because you as imperfect beings who are so young in spirit are only now just discovering the very rudiments of this more pure form of “real love.”  It is said that “real love” is rare and difficult to find.  Why is that?  Mostly it is because there are so few role models on your world who embody it and express it in ways that are acceptable by your societies.  “Acceptable” means love is under the constraints of societal memes.  You are taught how to love mostly by social conditioning which excludes the more real and purified forms of love that can only be expressed and received by the soul.  Spiritual love is rare and mostly misunderstood.

The closest thing to this more purified love that most understand is what a mother or father experiences with their children, yet this is only a small part love and one that also places constraints and conditions upon the connection between parent and child.  What we are speaking about today is the spiritual form of love between two souls who are vibrating at nearly the same frequency.  The attraction is there because of the “like attracts like” principal of the universe, yet this alone is not sufficient to know and discover the deeper levels of divine/human love.

To get to this deeper level, there must be a “peeling away” process of unraveling the distorted concepts and accepted memes that are conditioned into your thought processes by a world that was cut off from its connection to this form of deeper love by the rebellion that occurred here so many years ago that left a wake of confusion about what unconditional love really means.  The greatest barrier to discovering this blissful state of knowing real love is fear.  By releasing fear and embracing love through the expression of real feelings can you begin to see and discover what lies beneath the heavy layers placed on you by a confused world.

We hear all too often here on the mansion worlds the regrets of so many souls and how they wished that they would have expressed their true feelings and said the words, “I love you” but withheld it because of fear of rejection, or pride, or any number of excuses that prevented them from acting from a place of real love.  Some of you actually don’t want to hear those words because it infers a distorted reminder of a relationship that put staggering constraints and controls on your freedoms and so you have not a true reference to accept those words as the meaning for which it was intended.  Don’t give up dear ones, you can attract and learn how to love as it was intended by the Creator, but to find it, you must be willing to release your attachments to the conditions.

The soul is naturally drawn to this more pure form of love, but it is the interference of the mind and the ego that buries that natural attraction under loads of heavy expectations.  It is the journey of the soul to learn how to love by becoming aware of what it is not!  It is the process of elimination, my friends, to become aware of all those things that do not feel good and to let go of your fears and expectations and let real love settle in and become a part of you.  Real love is freedom and this is what you have been given by the Creator—the freedom to love and to choose your own path.  To willfully choose the path of love over all other alternatives will always bring you to a greater understanding of Divine Love and god-likeness.

Peace and Love to you,

The Circle of Seven 

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Great Plan – Life and Purpose

Teacher Ophelius:

This is a message to all the people of the Earth, for it matters not that you are man, woman, child, religionist, or secularist—all who have ears to hear, let them listen.  All that you see around you—the room in which you are in—the floor, the chair, the table—the yard where your children play—the sky, the trees, the grass—the stars you gaze up at in the night sky—this is all a part of your reality born from an infinite and eternal Super Intelligence—the Primal Cause—that which created all life and all matter in the universe—everything that “IS”—the One you call “God.”

This God is the original parent and pattern for all realities and living beings both physical and spiritual.  God is the Original Personality, for all other personalities could not exist for were it not for the First Personality to create there from.  There was none before Him; He is First Father, paternal and eternal.  God is perfect—He has all knowledge, is all wise, all powerful, and everywhere present.  God is Spirit.

Because of His Perfection and totality unto Himself, this God desires to know and explore Himself in ways that cannot be dimensioned by his timeless perfection, and so in the past eternity moment, from the unseen potential, God brought into existence the finite universes and set in motion all matter and material as the theatre for His desire to have experience, for experience is the one and only thing this Perfect Being does not possess in totality.

You, the people of Earth, who go to and fro, living life, raising children, working, inventing, discovering, exploring the vastness of your world and the relationships with other personalities, are the living “experiencers” that fulfill the desire of the Creator to have “all experience.”  How then does this God experience life in the universe?  He monitors your experiences by giving you a fragment of Himself (a pre-personal spirit) some call the Indwelling Spirit, the Oversoul, or the Father’s Presence—a Mystery Monitor to live in your mind.

You were all made imperfect intentionally by His perfect plan and designed that way so that you would evolve and grow more perfect through experience.  The Father’s Presence that lives within you is there to guide you through the universes of time back into His presence in perfection—“Be you perfect as I AM perfect.”  Because you are His Children and a part of Himself, it is His intention to grant you eternal life should you decide to continue on with the experience, for that is your purpose—to be the eyes, ears, hands, and feet of Him in your realm wherever you find yourself in the multiverse. 

Since you cannot become perfected in your short terrestrial lives on the worlds of time and space, God has a plan for the continuance of your autonomous identity and consciousness beyond this world and into higher realms where you can experience new and greater things.  As you grow more perfect—like the Creator, you are given greater capabilities to manipulate universe energy and your mind and consciousness is expanded to comprehend the sublime and astonishing experiences as you ascend toward perfection.  This is the “stick and carrot” approach that drives the experiential engine of the universe—perfection hunger.

His Great Plan for the children of time is that they would become perfect by learning and experiencing greater levels of divine love.  Love is the condition for which all consciousness develops and evolves toward perfection, for without love there is no forward movement—no life.  What you understand of love now in your earth lives is only the very rudiments of divine love which will expand with your ascension toward perfection.

You are loved “full strength” by God, yet you only comprehend a very small part of that love.  As you explore your lives and diversify your experiences, keep in mind this Great Plan, my friends, and open yourselves up to experiencing greater levels of love in this world, which will carry you over into the worlds of light where you shall continue a deeper exploration of that love.  See yourselves as explorers who are just starting out on a great adventure.  You are citizens of the universe and it is time for you to grow up and see life as a continuum that spans eternity.  How truly blessed you are—all you souls of the Earth.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

First Contact – Primary Midwayer Andrea

By Chris Maurus:

I went to bed late Saturday night—I remember seeing the clock before shutting out the light and turning off the television—12:12.  Strangely, I was not sleepy having worked outside all day—my body was sore and I should have shut right down from exhaustion, but I laid there awake for about 30 minutes—unable to fall asleep.  I went into a meditative state and asked if there were any Primary Midwayers who would like to make contact with me and use their new mind endowment (see Barnard’s “Un-sung Heroes and Samuel’s Prayer,” May 3, 2014).  I put this intention out there for about 20 minutes or so waiting to see some sign on my screen that my request had been heard.  Usually when spirit makes contact with me, I see a tiny point of light on my screen that quickly fades—this is my indicator that a spiritual circuit has been established.  I then saw the tiny light appear on my screen as I have so many times before.  I said to spirit, “If you are a Primary Midwayer, I need to have a name.”  Immediately as the last syllable rolled from my lips, I heard the name “Andrea.”  I was so surprised and I immediately apologized if I called her away from any important work on the other side of the planet, for I know that many of the Midwayers are quite busy with all the turmoil in the Middle East and in Ukraine.

I was having a difficult time hearing what she was saying because my dog, an old black Labrador, was laying on the floor next to my bed panting very heavy—it was a warm night.  I asked Andrea if she had any influence with animals and if so, could she compel the dog to get up and move to another room so I could hear her.  Again as the last word rolled off my lips, the dog got up and left my room, went down the hallway to the toilet to get water, and then my son got up and let him outside.  It was quiet now in my room and I was again ready to “listen.”  I sank into a deeper meditative state and I was asking questions of Andrea and listening for answers.  I said to her, “Andrea, I am having a little trouble hearing you—only getting bits and pieces.”  I then heard her say, “Let me switch circuits.”  Just as I heard these words, my whole body jolted as if I had been electrically shocked, but without any pain.  This same jolting of my whole body has happened many times to me in the past having a Self-Acting Thought Adjuster, the TA would often disconnect from me in the evening with this same shock-like reaction.

I could then hear Andrea much better and we had a nice chat about something—I cannot recall now, but soon my hearing would start to fade again.  I asked Andrea if she could project an image onto my screen.  I waited for about five minutes or so and nothing happened.  She was still with me, her presence was quite unique and unmistakable—like nothing else I had ever encountered or experienced with other beings of light—totally unique and delightful.  My wife at this point began to cuddle up to me and I thought to myself, “She never does this in the middle of the night—why would she disturb me now when I am in the middle of this extraordinary experience?”  She started to speak to me—a few sentences—I don’t remember what she said, but I realized then quite suddenly having an “ah-ha” moment, that it was Andrea speaking through Deena!  I said to Andrea, “Ahh—how clever you are!”  I then was somewhat disappointed that I could not recall what she said to me—Deena has no memory of this.

At this point, I began telling Deena about the incredible experience I just had with Andrea and described who she was—a Primary Midwayer, and that she was over 200,000 years old, a high vibrational being that is mostly difficult for humans to hear—born from the Planetary Prince’s Staff and other details.  After my explanation, I came out of my meditative state and realized I was not verbally speaking to Deena, but having a telepathic conversation!  She woke up at this point and I verbally asked her if she remembers speaking to me.  She said she had not.  I then told her about the experience nearly verbatim as I had just done telepathically a few moments before.  I asked her, “Do you remember the dog getting up and being let outside by one of the boys?”  She said, “Yes, I remember.”  She asked, “where is the dog now?”  It was totally quiet in the room—the dog nowhere in the room (unusual—he always sleeps in our room).  I got up and walked to the stairs and looked down into the landing—the dog was completely asleep there—something he never does.  I went back into the bedroom and told Deena where he was and said, “I have to get up now and write—I cannot sleep.”  As I walked down the stairs and stepped over the dog, he did not even stir—completely in a deep sleep!  As I write this, it is 4:30 AM and I can still hear the dog snoring on the landing.

Note:  This was an extraordinary experience—I kept reminding myself how unique it was and how different the presence of a Primary Midwayer was compared to other celestial beings I have had contact with—even Monjoronson, a Magisterial Son, who I experience quite regularly.  With most celestials, I get a color signature on my screen, but with Andrea, I did not—just the palpable feeling of her extraordinary presence.  I cannot describe in words how it felt except that it was absolutely delightful.  I look forward to more of these experiences.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Letter to My Father

Teacher Ophelius:

Dear Heavenly Father, Creator of all,

In this moment, I feel peace, I feel joy, and I have a heart of gratitude for my life, for you continue to show me how to know you more—to feel the depths of your parental care, and how to understand your unconditional love with each passing day.  When I slow down and bring my mind to the awareness of your presence in my life, I feel that Fatherly love you have for me, your child, and I have this awesome sense and assurance that I will one day stand in the actual presence of your immensity having moved through eons of time in your creation, having perfected my mind and finally knowing, with near perfection, what it means to love as you love.  It is the ultimate “deja vu.”

Now, in my imperfect state, I can only know love at the fringe, yet the more I express this fringe love to others, the more I understand of your complete love.  It’s as if I was a tiny ant standing on a great painting—a masterpiece, and with my small eyes, I can only see dots and strokes of color, yet as I grow in love, my perspective changes—I rise higher, and I see a little more of the masterpiece.  I have a long way to go, Father, before I can view the periphery of the frame for which you have adorned the masterpiece, yet from the small part I see now, I am inspired and I strive for a wider view.

As I boldly let go of fear and embrace the path of love, my vibration changes—it becomes higher, and with this higher frequency, my awareness of your presence, your guidance, your divine love in my life, becomes more apparent.  Your love is infectious, Father, and it fuels my desire to be more like you.  Yet as I anticipate this post moment of glory as afar off in my vision, I have you here with me at all times—your Indwelling Presence befriends me, speaks to me, and guides me to those blessed opportunities where I can experience love in a new way, and when this happens, a new space opens up in me—I now have room for a little greater understanding of your perfect love.

Like a child with crayons, I scribble my imitation of your masterpiece, which is barely recognizable to those around me, yet you remind me that every master painter was once a child having scribbled incomprehensible expressions.  It is the deep passion and desire to be a master painter—to explore and create, which drives the child to learn and grow and to have a greater command of his expression on the canvas.  Knowing this gives me hope and builds great faith in me, Father, that you can teach me how to be a master, for you have filled my pallet with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, and placed a brush into my hands. 

“Paint, my child, for I have given you the tools and the inspiration to create a masterpiece!” 

And so I shall, Father, so I shall.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Learn How to Expand Your Creative Potential

Teacher Ophelius:

Today we would like to speak about the creative potentials of the human mind, body, and spirit and how these potentials are realized as you ascend the universes, for it is the destiny of a god-knowing son or daughter to become perfected and with perfection comes the ability to create in ways unfathomable to human imagination.  Even now, while in material bodies, human creative potentials, and what some would call “super-human” ability, lay dormant and untapped because of environmental programming and spiritual ignorance—the result of creature evolution on a world isolated in rebellion. 

Some of these potentials can be awakened in humans—some more so than others because of genetic makeup, yet nearly all require discipline and mastery over the animal nature—the ego; the emotional-self, and then training is needed by those with higher knowledge who can help the student unlock those dormant aptitudes.  Many of you have heard stories and even documented some of the “super-human” abilities of yogis who can levitate their bodies; bi-locate and project their form and consciousness over great distances, and even materialize inanimate objects from the unseen.  These are not fairy stories, my friends, these are untapped potentials realized by those with great discipline, yet it takes more than just discipline and knowledge to achieve these things, it takes a greater understanding of the universal power of  “Love.” 

Once you are removed from the barbaric influences of this world and settle into the next phase of life on the mansion worlds, you will have the opportunity to expand your creative potentials where you can learn from many teachers and masters.  As you progress and develop your mind, your awareness of the Father’s great love will expand in you as you reflect the quality of this great love in your life and your connection with other personalities.  Love is the universal absolute, and so as you ascend and perfect your mind, your ability to understand love as the Creator is love, will naturally raise your vibrational signature which will unlock the potentials of the divine creative within you.  Simply put: Creative ability = your capacity to understand and demonstrate love—to “be” love.  It can be no other way.

You students on the path who are now beginning to use your mid-mind (the lower strata of morontia mind) have raised your vibration enough to realize more of your creative potential in this world.  Many of you have become healers and those of you who are know that you must have compassion and love for your patients to direct and transmute the subtle energies of your own energy fields to normalize the abnormal energy of a sick patient.  Love in the form of creature intention is the creative vehicle that transforms energy.  On paradise, thought and energy are one.  Therefore, having ascended to the home of deity, it is a prerogative that your perfected mind would have the ability to create at will.  At that point in your development there is no danger in using universe power destructively and therefore it is a Father endowed gift to create—to be like the Creator as He has called you.

Learn how to love, my friends, and realize your creative potential!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Divine Riddle

Teacher Ophelius:

Today we would like to talk about the most transformative quality there is in the universe, for this quality is the natural state of all realities and the nurturing force for which all creatures grow and become perfected.  When this quality is transmuted from Divine Source and expressed by imperfect beings, they change; they grow; and become more perfected—more like the Source from whence it came. The further a soul is from perfection, the more transformative is the change when this quality is expressed and given value.  On a world such as this one, where there is so much disparity and confusion, this quality, when boldly exercised and expressed without reservation, can heal all wounds, remove confusion without words, and bring peace to any situation.  This quality gives meaning to life itself, for without it, there is no life.

The measure of any soul can be weighed by the moments where this quality was freely willed as a choice over all other alternatives.  The meaning of its value becomes more understood as it is expressed and experienced and never does it become undesirable.  All sentient beings require it in increasing amounts for healthy growth of mind, body, and spirit.  This quality is the divine vitamin for which all systems draw vitality.

To control or withhold the expression of this quality from any sentient being is to starve that soul and divert its natural instinct to seek it—like caging a bird as it prepares for migration.  To be in opposition to its transformative power is to grieve; to reject light, and to regress into darkness. 

The expression of this quality is most diverse and can manifest in many forms.  It is the catalyst for creation and the source of all opportunities.  It is the one thing that is most needed for growth, yet is the most misunderstood and misapplied by material beings.  All souls know that it is the greatest of qualities and yet do they persist in their ignorance to understand it and become it, for contained within it is all truth, all beauty, and all goodness. 

A fetus grows automatically from the nourishment of its mother’s body and the Creative Life Force. The child recognizes only this quality as it emerges from the womb.  All injury to a soul comes from the maladaptation of this quality, and confusion comes from the misinterpretation of its vital expression.  To awaken to the reality of this quality is like a re-birth where injury is healed from the discovery of its revelation and the soul is returned again to its natural state of receptivity.  You Students on the path are rediscovering your birthright and unlearning the confusion of your past.  All growth awaits you in your quest to understand and learn the expression of this quality as it was intended for you as sons and daughters of the Most High God.

The answer to this riddle is within you, my dear friends, and the more you go within, the more understanding you will have of this most divine quality.  It is for you to “allow” yourselves to express it and receive it—to change and become like it.  If you know the answer to this riddle, then please write the answer on your heart and express it to those around you.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Fact of Eternal Life

Teacher Ophelius:

Today, my dear friends, we would like to make known to you the fact of Eternal Life as it is offered to all people on the earth who desire to journey on in the worlds of light—to live the unending adventure of growth, progress, and perfection—to be astonished by the truth, beauty, and goodness of the Divine Creative—to experience levels of Divine Love so inexplicably sublime and unknown to you in this life—to be in an unending quest for the totality of the Creator that infinitely unfolds the mysteries of the multiverse for his children to share in, enjoy, and experience as they become god-like themselves.  This is what awaits you, my dear friends.  What better faith builder could you have than to understand the fact of eternal life!

Other than taking me at my word, how do you know this to be fact?  You all have the Indwelling Spirit of God within you and if you slow down and sit with this question, “is life eternal?” the Spirit will make known to you this very fact.  You will “feel it” within you—that this life that you have now is not the end of you, for you will feel the drawing power of eternity pull at your soul and give you that “nudge” of assurance that you, as a personality, an identity of unique being, will continue on after the dissolution of your physical body.  But “why” you may ask, is this so?  It is because the Creator desires it, for you are the experiential children of a Creator who desires to have “all experience.” 

You are the sensors—the eyes, the mouth, the hands, the feet, the expression of the Creator on the worlds, levels, and dimensions of the universes.  You ARE experience!  And because you are the “experiencer” you are to be loved and nurtured and given all opportunities to progress and become perfected—to become creators in your own right—to experience greater and more sublime adventures that unfold as you raise your vibration higher and higher to experience those astonishing levels of creation and administrative triumphs that were designed for you to master.  My dear friends, when my associates and I think about these things I have stated to you, we break out in joyous anticipation and worship God for the things that are yet to be revealed to us, for we are alive in the worlds of light and yet we are only just beginning our astonishing journey and only just experiencing the power of divine love that enshrouds us, teaches us, and compels us to reach higher and to know more of Him, the Universal Father.

Your greatest example for the assurance of eternal life is the fact of the Master’s resurrection when He, Jesus, was raised from the death of the flesh, to the life of the resurrection.  This was done for you so that you would believe and know that life does not end here and that there is a continuity of identity and personality.  The Master’s resurrected body (the morontia body) is the same type of body you will have on the mansion worlds—incorruptible, beautiful, and designed for the sojourns of life in the worlds of light!  Do you not understand how incredibly blessed you are—that you have all this before you?  Rejoice!  Lift your hands up and shout out with joy and gratitude for being a child of this beneficent Creator, for He shares all of creation with you!

Live each day with the Fact of Eternity in your mind and your whole life and attitude toward others will change and become more beautiful and loving.  See each person you meet or know as your brother or sister and know that you are all headed for the embrace of finality—to stand in the presence of the Creator on paradise as a perfected being and to go on into the unending adventure of the sublime vistas of infinity.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The First Wave

Teacher Ophelius:

Today we would like to speak about one very important aspect of the Correcting Time and that is to bring a new awareness to the consciousness of the people of this planet starting first by awakening those who we call, “The First Wave.”  As the name implies, this “wave” will grow and build in size and energy as it approaches land where it breaks upon the shoreline making a mighty sound.   The first wave leads the second, and the second leads the third, and so on and so forth as more and more people become aware of their Indwelling Spirit, their purpose, and a deeper meaning to life itself.  Spirit is the tidal force for which these successive waves will be nurtured and strengthened.  You students on the path are this First Wave, and many of you have been gifted with extraordinary God Fragments—Thought Adjusters of great experience and ability.  You are the ones who shall blaze the trail making these first vital connections with Spirit, then with others of like mind and purpose, then with those on the fringe of the second wave. 

You are one of the first groups of human teachers, in your generation, on a world approaching Light and Life and it is our purpose as Spirit teachers, to awaken, nurture, and strengthen you for the Father’s business.  Perhaps many of you have never thought about yourselves as teachers, but I say to you, consider your experience.  Think about the journey you have thus taken, and how you came to know the Spirit within and all those extraordinary experiences and synchronicities that led you to the truths you know now.  Those experiences can be shared, my friends, and this is how you build a wave.

I admonish you to seek for those of kindred spirit and exchange information and express and explore the creative force that is within you unabashedly and with great passion.  Work in groups and find a need in this world, for there are many, and create something that will serve as a beacon of light that will awaken those in the second wave.  Spirit alone cannot do this for you, for we need to work together to transform this world into a planet where quality souls can be nurtured and given opportunities to grow and find meaning and purpose in life.

It is important that your work as teachers contain the information that will create a “Spiritual Map” for those who are seeking and who are hungry for the meaning of life and purpose.  This map will lead them to the truth about the Spirit within (the Thought Adjuster), the Great Plan (eternal life and ascension), and how cherished and unconditionally loved each person is by the Father.  Some teachers will first need to lift the self-imposed illusions of bondage this world imposes on the mind of their students before these higher truths can be revealed, and we (Spirit) will be here to assist you in this process.  You also have the ever-present Christ consciousness, the Spirit of Truth, to guide you as you work and nurture your students.

Consider your role as teacher, my friends—you have more to offer than you may think.  The time to be about the Father’s business is now.  If only you can awaken just one other soul, you initiate the wave effect—observe how one changed life affects another.  Can you change two, three, a hundred, a thousand, a million?  There are many possibilities.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

“What Can I Teach,” and “Who is My Student?”

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about the importance of being both an avid student of truth, and a teacher of truth, for as you grow and ascend the universe schools of perfection, this dual role is the key to your passage to paradise.  The Universal Father requires that all the time-space universes become perfected along with the consciousness of all sentient beings therein and so it becomes imperative to have this student/teacher relationship between all creatures, for without it, all progress would cease.  This is especially important on your world as it struggles to free itself from the chaos of rebellion and emerge into the enlightened era of Light and Life.

On your world where life is so intense and relatively short in duration, it would be beneficial to all to have access to higher thought and education, yet because of the earth’s confusion and rebellious development, higher education has become a commodity for sale only to those who can afford to pay or are willing to become slaves to money lenders for many years of their lives.  If only the governments of the earth would make it a priority to educate all citizens, regardless of their social and financial status, soon you would see your planet emerge from its barbarous warlike thinking and social delinquency.  In parallel with education, religious thought must also evolve beyond the exclusivity of creeds and teach the universal value of unconditional love.

Until the vested interests that profit from war and the treatment of preventable illness see profit in peace and growth for all peoples, little shall change on your world, and this is where the teachers of truth can and are making a difference with the upcoming generations.  You students on the path are learning about the sacred value of life and what it means to be a universe citizen.  This sacred knowledge and wisdom must be passed on to your fellows in ways they can understand, and this is the challenge to all of you.  As you learn, grow, and become wise, so shall you teach, nurture and lead.  It is not for you to make others think like you, but to inspire others to see the potentials for truth, beauty, and goodness in themselves.

You might ask yourself, “What can I teach,” and “Who is my student?”  My friends, anything that you have experienced in life that is true, beautiful, or good can be communicated to other souls.  Use your co-creative powers of imagination to reach out to your fellows.  Continue to seek for those things that interest you and always remain a learner, for this is the way of a universe citizen and this is how you will ascend the grand universe.  Constructive communication is progress, and you have the technology to reach into every corner of your world through your Internet.  All can benefit from peace, love, and understanding, therefore go and learn and teach and stand for the moral values of life, growth, and equality for all peoples.

Your position as an enlightened soul on this world at this most auspicious time in its history is pivotal to its emergence from ignorance and darkness.  Ask for what you need to do this work (to learn and teach) and it shall be given.  All the eyes of the universe are on this backward little planet because of its unique status as the bestowal planet of the Creator Son.  Therefore use and value your time here wisely, my friends, and together we can make a difference in the quality of the lives of all souls.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The True Meaning of Peace, Love, and Understanding

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about Peace, Love, and Understanding, for it is these three simple words that are so very misunderstood on your world.  Many think they know what these words mean, yet they are held in the mind of most as vague and unattainable concepts—like something out of a child’s storybook.  To know the true meaning of any of these three words, you must experience them, for without experience, they remain conceptual and shall ever be out of reach.  To move a world from the barbarism of war; the self-indulgence of greed; and the bigotry of hate, its people must practice and experience the opposite side of these three destructive forces by acting with courage to choose the constructive forces of Peace, Love, and Understanding, which are the attributes of an enlightened society called “Light and Life.”

To know the true meaning of any one of these three words is to know them all, for each is a pillar in a triad of divine attributes—each reflective of the other.  To know and experience Peace, one must be willing to bridge the divides of war and strife with Love and Understanding.  To know and experience Love is to be vulnerable and courageous enough to accept it and by accepting Love is to know Peace through Understanding.  To know and experience Understanding is to stand in the shoes of others—to find common ground and to extenuate the positive things that bring unity—unity breeds Peace, and Peace, fosters Love.

What is it that prevents most people from acting on and experiencing Peace, Love, and Understanding?  It is Fear and Pride, my friends.  Fear is a strong opponent of Faith that stands by and watches opportunity slip away.  Pride slaps the hand of forgiveness and cast away Peace and turns a blind eye to Love.  Fear and Pride are the lowest and most destructive seeds of animal emotions that bind a soul and prevent it from growing.  These are self-imposed limitations that infect like a disease that prevents the inner light of the higher nature from shining through. 

It is this Inner Light—the Indwelling Spirit of God that lives in all people that operates on Peace, Love, and Understanding.  Therefore, if you choose to act on and experience Peace, Love, and Understanding, you are doing the Will of the Creator because you are allowing the Indwelling Spirit of God to move through you and bring about change in a world that so desperately needs to know the true meaning of life.  The transformation of the world from darkness into light can only happen when you, as one individual, choose to grow.  It does not matter to you what your neighbor chooses, for their path is affected by actions of others who, in turn, will make choices that reflect the nature of their souls, yet love is more infectious than hate and can heal an entire planet if first it is courageously embraced by each of you.

Is there something you can do today, my friends, that will help you to grow in the direction of Peace, Love, and Understanding?  What are you afraid of?  Go within and see where these fears live and courageously flush them out into the open. 

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

What does it mean to “Be in Your Peace?”

Teacher Ophelius:

What does it mean to “be in your peace?”  We hear many of you refer to this state of being for someone who has made the transition to the mansion worlds—that somehow by shedding the flesh they are transformed to this new way of being and that all their cares and struggles are over.  Although there is some truth to this, for living on the mansion worlds does certainly bring peace to many, for others however, the struggle continues because they find they are not prepared for this new way of life where food hunger is absent, no money economy to master, no competition or corporate ladder to climb, and no mask to hide behind—all is revealed.  To “be in your peace” means you are “not in conflict” and prepared for what comes next—not that you know what to expect, but that you have the understanding that your ascension career is an adventure and that no real harm can befall you—that life is an astonishing journey and the challenges you face are all meant to teach lessons and provide opportunities to perfect your soul and to become more god-like than you were a moment before.

You, my friends, have the opportunity to live in this state of peace now on this world.  How do you do that—by living fearlessly?  Think about all those things that upset this state of peace you desire.  What keeps you from it?  Do the failures of the past haunt you?  Are you worried about the future?  Are you in fear that you cannot maintain control of other’s thinking and actions with regard to your welfare?  Are you concerned about world affairs and how they will impact your material life?  Will you have a job?  Can you pay the mortgage?  Will you get sick? Will your children choose a different path than what you expect for them?  Will your spouse, friend, or companion, grow apart from you?  Yes, you have many fears and most are phantom fears because they are not real and they are not a part of your “now moment.” 

If you think about it, those fears you have are actually creating the life you have now and it does affect your future path.  Example: Does worry not bring on physical stress?  Does stress not bring on physical disease?  Yes, it certainly can and so by worrying about getting sick or having some catastrophic illness can and does bring on the onset of sickness by inducing stresses on the body through emotional programming.  Are you over concerned about what others think about you?  If so, you may be acting in ways to mask your true feelings and the way you hold yourself in the world.  These false projections of yourself are driving the perception of what other see in you, and therefore, the very thing you fear, you are actually creating by not living authentically.  You can drill down the list of fears, my friends, and find that each fear you have creates your life and affects your future.  Opportunities vanish in the face of fear.

The universe was designed to respond to your desires, for as a child of the Creator, you are providing the experiences that God requires to obtain “all experience.”  Therefore if your mind is filled with fears and worry—negative thinking and feelings, the universe will provide more of it because it was designed to respond and manifest those things that you think about, whether it is positive or negative.  Choose your thoughts wisely, my friends, and let the universe bring you joy by living in the moment fearlessly and with hopeful anticipation for better days and a joy-filled future.  Love is the path to the greatest most joyful experiences.  Always choose the path of love (not fear) and watch the universe work miracles for you.  “Be” therefore, “in your peace.”

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Journey of the Soul

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about the journey of the soul and how each one you fulfil a special and unique “requirement” in the development of the Supreme Being—that part of the Infinite God that is “becoming” and growing in experience along with the evolving finite space-time universes, for there truly is a “reason” for your being and a purpose for your life that is priceless, cherished, and irreplaceable regardless of how you, through your short-sighted perception, see yourself and the value you attach to your own worth.

The Infinite God is perfect, all-knowing, all-wise, all-powerful, and everywhere present, yet in one aspect of his totality is he incomplete, for He desires to have “all-experience” to explore and complete that part of himself, and so because of this supreme desire to be “all-experiential,” the grand universe was born as the construct—the theater and playground in which to experience life in diverse life forms and environments.  The Creator Father knows of every star and planet in the creation and also does He know, intimately, every sentient creature that lives and moves and has its being, for He indwells his children with a fragment of himself—a divine monitor that is eternally present in the mind of these children of time should they accept and make the supreme decision to journey back to the Source of perfection and become “like” the Father of all creation.

Diversity is the watchword of creation, for in this divine requirement does the Creator fulfil this mandate to have all-experience.  You, my friends, have been given an assignment—a mission of supreme importance that serves as a patch in a great quilt of this experiential requirement.  The thread that holds the patch to this enormous quilt is the plan or pattern for your life—not just the life you live on this world, but the totality of all the experiences you shall have as you ascend the multiverse—world by world, circuit by circuit, and through dimensions untold.  Your free will is the unique “color” of your patch in the quilt, in which you design by your sovereign decisions as the soul journeys back to the Source to stand in finality of being in the presence of the Creator.  In that moment when you receive the divine embrace of God, will the Creator review and appreciate all that you have become—this beautiful, colorful, unique, true, and good patch in the quilt-work of life that furthers the completion of this divine requirement.

This Great Quilt-Work IS the Supreme Being!  You, my friends, are actually a “part” of this experiential God!  You complete Him with your free-will experiences—your unique life!  There is nothing ordinary about you—you are needed, unconditionally loved, and divinely cherished for your part in the whole of this requirement to fulfill the Creator’s desire to have “all-experience.”  Never should you see yourself as unworthy or less deserving than some other, for you are just beginning to walk the long and astonishing path to perfection.  God lives, loves, sees, and feels through you!

There is nothing more beautiful, more precious, more loved, or more cherished than who you are and what you are becoming.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Look Boldly Into the Mirror

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about honesty and being honest with yourself, for to have any kind of relationship that is growing, whether it be human or spiritual, requires you to look within and see what is “real” and what is not.  From the spirit world perspective, nothing is hidden—who you are and what you are “is.”  There can be no deception.  Humans, on the other hand, wear many masks and hide behind many fears, and so honesty with the self becomes buried beneath layers of self-importance and fears of being “found out” for who they really are.  These cloaking devices, made up in the human mind, delay the progress of the individual, and so the only way to move forward (grow the soul) is to stop pretending and become real with the self, and ask yourself some probing and revealing questions in complete honesty about who you are and how you “hold” yourself in the world.

A good place to start is to ask, “What am I afraid of?”  “If my greatest fears were to be realized, what is the worst thing that can happen to me?”  First and foremost, let me say that in the bigger picture of things, life is eternal, if you so choose to live that life as a child of the Creator Father, and nothing can prevent an honest and sincere soul from achieving eternal life.  In light of this, there is nothing really to fear in life.  Life in the universe is a school where you learn how to love.  Love itself is True, Beautiful, and Good, and so any fear or deception runs contrary to the purity of love, which is the Father’s Will. 

Another question to ask is, “Am I self-important?”  This means, “Do I create deception to mask my fears and manipulate and control others as a means of upholding the deception?”  Are your actions centered on serving the self for personal gain using deception as control device, or are you learning to love by serving the needs of others and finding joy in seeing others succeed as they discover themselves?  Are you actively trying to prevent others from growing because of your own fears?  When you become an obstacle to the growth of others, you create a “dam in the river,” so to speak, by stopping the flow of love, yet as the pressure builds from this obstacle, it will, sooner or later, explode and cause much destruction for you and others in its path, yet will things, once again, flow as they should according to the Father’s Will.   Where you find yourself after the dam breaks, will be a mirror where you will have to look at yourself and decide if the way you hold yourself in the world is beneficial to you and others.  You will, once again, be faced with these same questions about self-honesty.

The continued delay of looking away from fears and the delusion of self-importance will prevent you from growing as a person and prevent the evolving soul from gathering the gems of life experience, which are those moments where you discover another aspect of love which was hidden beneath the imagined fears of being true to yourself.  Look boldly into the mirror, my friends.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Experience a Guided Meditation for Healing the Afflicted

Teacher Ophelius:

Today, my dear friends, we are going to shift our awareness and focus on the needs of others and project our love and compassion toward those who are suffering in body and mind.  There are so many on your world that need healing, and so we are going to pool our spiritual resources together and send this healing energy over to these afflicted sons and daughters of God.  Knowing that all humans are connected through the agency of the Indwelling Spirit, the Thought Adjusters, we merely have to think about the person who is suffering, and with clear intent, that energy shall be directed to that individual.

Let us therefore think of a beloved friend or family member who is suffering with some affliction.  See this person in your mind’s eye and concentrate on your connection with this person.  If you do not know this person directly, think about the chain of relationships that connects you to this person and direct your love, compassion, and healing energy though this chain of relationships.

See this person now laying in a large bed and “see” how they are suffering.  Imagine how this suffering affects this person mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Now, I want you to imagine laying down next to this person, and with great intention and compassion, I want you to “see” the affliction rise up out of the patient in a dark gray mist and move into your own body.  By taking on this affliction yourself, you are exercising the greatest compassion and love you can give to another.  I want you to “feel” what it is like to have this affliction so that the level of you compassion is amplified and your understanding is heightened so that you can more effectively bring relief and healing through spiritual resources.

Now, I want you to pray and ask for healing—ask that the Father send his healing ministers, those specialized angels and celestial beings of light, that are most suited to healing the human body and mind, to descend upon you and work to heal the affliction that is now in you.  Direct them to the areas that need healing and see a golden light begin to flow from these light ministers into you until you are encased in a golden cocoon of light.  This golden light is a healing capsule that will transform every cell that is out of alignment with the Will of the Father.  As you lay there in this golden bliss, feel the affliction begin to subside and feel a state of wellness come over you as you are healed from the affliction.

Now, see the golden light rise up above you and move over to the patient and see how it surrounds their body.  See the expression of relief in the face of this person and feel the joy they are feeling as they become liberated from the affliction.  Having both suffered and having both healed by God’s love, you are in sympathy with this person and you now share a bond of love and brotherhood as human siblings who are ascending sons and daughters of God.  See the healed patient now get up out of the bed and join their family and friends in celebration of their healing.  Remain in a state of gratitude and thankfulness for having the opportunity to serve and be the love and light of God’s Will.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

Receiver’s Note:  Expand on this simple framework for healing the sick by using your co-creative powers and imaginations.  The more love and compassion you have, the greater is the power of your intentions.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Morontia Mind – Experience Life from A Higher Perspective

Teacher Ophelius:

Today we would like to talk about the morontia mind and how you can develop this mid-mind while still living in the flesh, for it is this higher mind and “lighter” thinking that develops as you become a universe citizen.  The evidence of using this “soul-mind” is quite recognizable, and as you mature in your spiritual development, you begin to make choices that are more “in unity” with universal mind (spirit), which are more aligned with the Will of the Father.  As more of earth’s citizens begin to shift their thinking toward the greater good of all people, then will we see the era of Light and Life begin to take root on this world.  The development of this morontia mind is vital to that transformation.

As mortals, you are only using the more rudimentary aspects of this morontia mind.  You will make full use of it when you transition to the mansion worlds.  This mind, when in the morontial body (the new form you will have in the afterlife), is not driven by the baser emotional electro-chemical synapses of a physical brain, yet as you live in the flesh, you use this same physical brain to access these lower limits of soul-mind.  Those who live on the surface of life, disconnected from their spiritual natures, seldom venture into this higher area of mind as they have become “too busy” with material matters to think deep thoughts about life and eternity.

Those of you who consider yourselves “light-workers” are most likely accessing this part of mind.  Those thoughts and decisions that have to do with the “upliftment” of your fellows, or the progress of your own spiritual development come from this soul-mind.  Those that use the morontia mind are hungry for truth and seek constant improvement in their spiritual and personality development.  They are self-reflective of their choices and past actions and are open and willing to improve the condition of their mind.  They seek self-mastery over their emotions and their concerns shift away from the self, the “me,” and turn into compassion for others.

Those who are service oriented, who desire to “make a difference” in the world, and who are manifesting those desires by putting right thought into action, are more and more accessing this morontia mind.  You students on the path who are reading this message are using your morontia minds when you open your minds to greater thoughts and possibilities, while seeing your life as a continuum that transcends this world.

It is the Father’s Will that this planet is to be healed of its dark past and brought into the age of Light and Life, and so those who are willfully thinking and doing those things that move this world ever so much closer to that enlightened era are doing the Will of the Father.  This requires the use of the morontia mind.   Those of you who have committed your life and service to this cause (moving humanity toward this enlightened status) are not only accessing this morontia mind, but are living from it. 

My friends, when you reach into this higher area of mind you are attracting the help of spirit because you enable spirit to assist you through this higher circuitry.  Be therefore aware of those thoughts that are in unity with spirit and experience life from this higher perspective.  The pathway to the morontia mind is entered through the doorway of the heart—love is the key to that door.  “Seek and you will find; ask and you shall receive; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Love - God’s Integral Relationship with the Soul

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today has to do with that blissful phenomena you call “being in love.”  This is a narrow heightened state of awareness brought on by several conditions in the mind, body, and spirit of the individual.  When we look at these conditions that produce this euphoric feeling, we see a coincident relationship between the compliment of being, and the relationship between the soul and the Universal Father.  These relationships, when in alignment, magnify the attraction—that pulling power that draws one to the other and a new understanding of love is born—one that is more pure, beautiful, uncomplicated, and with few conditions.

This first encounter with “love” between two people is, in reality, a first glimpse into what it is to know the love of God.  There is always a pattern in life on the material worlds that is pointing, teaching, demonstrating—moving you along this path that brings you to the awareness of God’s integral relationship with the soul, where the mind begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together and recognizes these correlating values as being of divine origin.  God knows that before His very young children can understand His infinite divine love, they must experience human love in a way they can comprehend from their finite perspective of living in a material body and having their first intimate encounter with another person. 

When two people come together in the compliment of being they are vibrating at near the same frequency—they are in alignment.  They are attracted together by a near equal amount of light, yet this light is compliment in the other because it is something that makes the light in the self more complete in its understanding and becomes a reflection of what is already present inside the heart of both individuals.  Through God’s Indwelling Spirit, present in the mind of the individual, this light, this reflection that attracts, is the magnetism that moves the soul into alignment with the Will of the Universal Father.   This “practical” experience of discovering love in the compliment of being, two people drawn together by mutual attraction, is man’s first clue to understanding divine love and the spirit gravity that draws all souls back to its Source. 

As you live, and move, and have your being, you mature, grow—the soul expands, and you make decisions based on the wisdom of past experiences.  In the journey of the soul, when you compare the moment to moment experiences of your life up against the memory of these first experiences of love, in all prior relationships (all sources—friends, family, lover), you begin to make decisions that, more and more, incorporate those values experienced by the reflection of light that makes your own understanding of love more complete.  The more we love, the more we understand God’s love, and so by mutual attraction to both the love of others and the love of God, the soul expands and we move closer to unity with God—we become more god-like.

It is the dysfunctions of this understanding of love, or the absence of real love, that confuses so many and creates this false sense of self-hood—a disconnected spirit—a separation from God (reality), and so the ego compensates for the absence of love and attempts to protect the heart by making the self “important.”  This is why, my friends, we need to love everyone on this planet, for it is not only in alignment with the Will of God, but it is the one thing that draws the soul into unity with God.  To move a whole planet into “Light and Life” requires a greater understanding of love by all its inhabitants.  To love is to understand—to understand is to know the character of God—to know His character is to “be” the light of love to others.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Take a “Time-out” and Release the Tension

Teacher Ophelius:

Today, my dear friends, we will take a “time-out” and release all the troubling thoughts and confusion we have and simply close our eyes, call on our Father, and “let-go” of all the cares of the world.  It is needful sometimes to re-align our energy and to become grounded—to release the “static build-up” caused by too much thinking; by harboring the energy of disappointment and the defeating feelings of living in a troubled world.  Let us therefore go to the Father now and seek for the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Please join me in a short prayer:

It matters not, Father, where I am.  I could be at the top of a mountain sitting in silence or at my desk surrounded by the busyness of the day, and yet you are always there ready to receive me.  I close my eyes and ask to come into your presence, and I feel your warm welcome.  Father, I am weary of heart and I feel like the world is against me and my burdens are heavy.  You know my true heart, Father, and I need not explain it all to you in words, yet you hold no conclusions about me—I am transparent, and you see all, and know all.  Fill me with your peace, Father, and wash away all my confusion.  Your unconditional love is all that I seek in this moment.  You pour it over me generously—it is warm and feels like home.  Tears begin to well up in me; I open my heart and throw my arms around you, Father, and I feel your strong embrace.

I sense this renewing energy within me as I release this tension to you, Father, and you give me that peace and assurance that all is well.  You bring me into the hallow space where you are and let me look down on this world where the confusion stirs, and I see things from a higher place.  I feel your comforting hand on my shoulder, and I see you point to all those places where only love can fill the gaps that stand between the hearts of men and women.  I feel lighter now, like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and I have a knowing deep within as if I have the answers to my own problems.  I thank you, Father, for receiving me and reminding me that your Spirit is within me and I always have your guidance available to me whenever I choose to seek your help.

I love you, Father, and I stand stronger for having sought your council.  I am at peace and my soul is filled with your divine love.  I thank you, Father, for this precious moment where we meet—between time and eternity.


Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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